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How To Backup PS4 Games On 5.05 Firmware Tutorial


6-16-18: Initial release.

Hey guys,

So if you have been following my youtube channel recently, I’ve been having tons of fun with my PS4 system and the latest tutorial (linked below) shows you how to rip your PS4 games from disc and ultimately convert it into a fpkg file.

The rough outline is as follows:

  1. Run game once so it installs data to the internal hard drive.
  2. Run your favorite web exploit method, then run HEN and then run the Dumper payload.
  3. Run your game, and when it gets to the main menu, go back to XMB screen and let it sit there.
  4. Once the files are transferred over to the USB device, plug it into the computer.
  5. Using the Window programs listed in the tutorial, we make a .gp4 file and then from there build the .pkg file.
  6. Transfer or save the .pkg file to the usb drive and now plug it into the left usb port nearest the blu ray disc drive.
  7. Run the web exploit method again and run HEN.
  8. Now follow through and install the game through the package installer and profit!

See the video tutorial below for more details, and go to the youtube page for specific download links and additional tips and tricks:

How To Jailbreak PS4 5.05 Using ESP8266 Method

6-5-18: Initial release.

Hey guys,

So awhile back I had purchased a PS4 with the Uncharted 4 bundle and it was 3.51 firmware. Since then, I upgraded straight to 4.55, and then most recently, upgraded to 5.05. In a previous video tutorial on my youtube channel, I showed how to host the exploit on the PC using the Al-Azif method.

This time around we are going to go one step simpler by using the ESP8266 method instead, which is basically a little microcontroller that can run wifi and code. Various devs have created their own custom firmware so within seconds of powering on, this is broadcasting its on adhoc network and the PS4 connects to it and is able to run the web exploit.

This is awesome because you never have to ever worry about the PS4 connecting to the internet by accident and getting banned because, well, it never connects to the internet in the first place anyway!

See my video tutorial below and go to the youtube page to see all the up to date links. Thanks for watching!