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RatioMaster – Fake Upload & Download Stats

8-13-10: Initial release.

Torrents.  Some people just love to use torrents, and many of them are part of what are called private trackers. In these type of websites, the user must login to download and upload torrents to the system.  In these type of websites, the user has a download to upload ratio to maintain.

If the ratio is too low, the user could be kicked from the community, or in some cases banned.  To help improve a user ratio, there are spoofing programs available that allows the user to cheat the system and fool the tracker into believing they uploaded/downloaded more than what they did in reality.

How?  I have found a program called RatioMaster. net that allows you to spoof your ratio. The program is pretty easy to use. All you need to do is feed it a torrent file, tell it how fast you are downloading and uploading, and click start.

After a certain time interval or when you manually stop it, it will hopefully register the changes to the tracker and your ratio is updated!

To test out this theory, see the screenshots below for my demonoid account:



Now Demonoid is a torrent site that I am part of, but hardly use. Therefore, I could care less if my account gets banned. If you want to be invited to Demonoid, let me know and I could invite you. However, I still ask you to use the Demonoid Invite Ring for these type of requests.

Have you tried spoofing your ratio before?  Tell us about it!

Find the program here: