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Manhunt 2 – Banned from Target

As the holiday season approaches, there is concern among parents to pick out the right game for their children.  Guess what?  Manhunt 2 is not for children at all.  This game is downright violent, so take caution.  In fact, Target has decided not to sell this game in its stores because if is possible for the user to modify the code to make the blurry parts of the game not blurry anymore.  This causes concern, and taking light to Rockstar’s Hot Coffee mod for the San Andres, Target is not taking that chance with this game.

As stated from an article from ABC News:

To be clear, “Manhunt 2” disappoints not because it’s controversial. In fact, Rockstar Games’ infamous “Grand Theft Auto” games are very entertaining digital diversions even if you strip away the mature theme — but there’s little substance to be found in this “Manhunt”‘ sequel.

Available for the Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation 2 and Sony PlayStation Portable, “Manhunt 2” begins as your character, Dr. Daniel Lamb, escapes the Dixmor Asylum for the Criminally Insane, after being injected with a mysterious drug that unleashes his homicidal tendencies. Without giving much of the plot away — yes, there is actually a story here — Lamb finds himself outside in the real world, beginning with a visit to his now-dilapidated home of his youth. But not without going on a killing spree first, even though it appears to be out of Lamb’s control, as it’s not unusual for him to vomit and utter remorseful words after committing these murders.

See the source here.  In short, game is violent, play at your own discretion.