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How To Bypass Serial CD Key Check for Tom’s Clancy Raven Shield

11-18-14: Inital release.

When you host a LAN server, and when you try to join it, your game will prompt you for a CD Key. What do you do if you lost your CD key? Well, see the tutorial below which will help you bypass the LAN server serial key check and you can start playing right away with your LAN buddies!

1.) Open My Computer and go to your RavenShield\system directory.

2.) Open the GSRouters.dat file with Notepad.

3.) Change the line “” to:

4.) Save and close GSRouters.dat.

5.) Open the RavenShield.ini file in the same directory.

6.) Browse to the line that starts with “m_szUbiRemFileURL” – it is about 6/10 of the way down, under the [R6GameService.R6GSServers] section.

7.) Change this line to:


8.) Save and close RavenShield.ini.

9.) CDKey check is now disabled (when it asks for a cdkey, just click the check mark, and wait 10 seconds and u will be joining the server. Now you can play real LAN, Tunngle, Hamachi, or whatever method you choose.

The Search For the “Perfect” Serial Key


4-3-11: Initial release.

Continuing with the Underground series, I am going to dive into a topic that probably most blogs don’t want to get into. I’m willing to take that risk, and want to tell you that the information in this article is only meant for legitimate and educational purposes.

If you decide to use information the wrong way, then there is nothing I can do about it. Almost everything and anything in this world can be spun around for the wrong intentions, and that is life. To have us constantly analyze the wrongdoings of the products we make, we will never be contempt with ourselves so as an author, I must accept the fact that some readers will take today’s information and use it for other means. With that said, let’s get to the real meat! – Versatile
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