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Gentleman’s Ball Scratcher

In today’s edition of Sexy Saturday, I bring to your attention the Gentleman’s Ball Scratcher.  Here is an excerpt from their website:

[Got an awkward itch?!

Need to get to rid of an itch in an intimate spot discreetly – the Gentleman’s Ball Scratcher is just what you need!

When you get an itch in that most awkward of spots, what’s a man to do? Your fellow men understand the need to have a good old scratch sometimes, the female of the species tend to be disgusted.

Don’t suffer in silence.

Silver plated and crafted in the shape of a delicate female hand, with a nine inch handle and the benefit of five fingers the Ball Scratcher is ideal for getting to those hard to reach places.

Perfect for the busy make executive, it comes in a lined presentation box. The perfect tongue-in-cheek gift for the man who has everything (including an itch).

Dishwasher safe and stain resistant.]

As a guy, there have been times when I’m out in public, and I need to scratch myself without bringing attention to myself.  I suppose this would do the trick. 😛  Of course, if you are willing to drop your dignity, using your hand is much cheaper. Zing!

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MacBook Air Envelope Ad

Today is Sexy Saturday, and what better way to start it off then a sexy ad from Apple?
See the 30 second video below of the sexiness of the MacBook Air with the manilla envelope. I think the case itself is $300? 😛 Well, I’m sure it is more padding than a regular envelope, or one could buy their own envelope at Walmart, get some bubble wrap inside it for like a dollar, and there you go! 😛