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How To Create DOSBox Shortcut To Start Daggerfall!

12-25-12:  Initial release.

I’ll keep this tutorial short. So I have a Youtube video that shows you how to get the free copy of Daggerfall and install the game. If you missed that video, click here.

For whatever reason, there has been a ridiculous amount of demand from viewers who want to learn how to create a shortcut such that if they use a shortcut from the desktop, the game starts without them having to type in code all the time. Rightfully so as I’m here to make your life a little bit easier.

I re-installed the game recently to test the shortcut method, and I was able to get a working shortcut within 5 minutes, and now you can too! Let’s do this!

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[How To] Install Programs to FMCB and Show Up Main Menu of FMCB (Fat or Slim PS2)

11-1-10: Initial Release.
9-13-12: Fixed video tutorial link.

Hey guys, a text tutorial will be coming with pictures (maybe), but for now please watch my tutorial video below for the quick way.

1) Fat or Slim PS2
2) FMCB already installed on the memory card.
3) A USB thumb drive to hold your homebrew programs that you got off the internet. is a good site to get your homebrew programs.

Now watch the video below and learn the concept of adding programs to the memory card, and how to make them show up on the main menu!