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[How to] Find Swap Magic for PS2

With the PS2 tutorials being the most popular here on the Underground, I felt it was my duty to help those sitting on the bench to find the magnificent program known as Swap Magic.

What is Swap Magic? It is a boot disc that allows a user to play backed up games on their PS2. Remember that the PS2 comes in two flavors, a fat PS2 and a slim line PS2. You can use Swap Magic on both consoles, but how you do it will be different.

The fat PS2 will need something known as a slide card. You can either make your own slide card, or buy it with your Swap Magic disc. To learn how to make your own slide card, please use the search option on this blog.

The slim PS2 does not use a slide card. Instead, you will need something called magic keys, which is really three things used to block the three sensors on the PS2. You do not have to buy these, you can make them yourself. Once again, search the blog for our tutorial’s to make your own. I have both the fat and slim PS2, and I have the tools for both consoles so I know what I am talking about.

Now some will say, c’mon, isn’t this sort of illegal? Well, I suppose. How you use it could be deemed illegal, but who would know? Swap magic is used to play backed up games, and I”m pretty sure people are either downloading games or copying games from friends to play on their own PS2.  There are those who are using it for legitimate purposes and backing up their own retail games to preserve the original.  The DMCA is not very clear, and there are lots of interpretations.  Stop wasting time deciding ethics and spend more time having fun. 😛

How many people download music that they didn’t buy? Say what you want, think what you wish, but as a tool, it is awesome and I stand behind Swap Magic. You do not need to open up your PS2 at all, which is a plus for both the fat and slim PS2.

Now there are other ways to play games on your PS2 such as using a hard drive with hard drive program like HdaLoader, but that requires extra hardware. Swap Magic is the cheapest and easiest way to play your PS2 games. Any questions, leave a comment and heck, I will even help you pick out what is right for you.

Check out for Swap Magic.