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The Underground Blog – 2008 Reflection


First of all, I want to thank all the viewers that have visited this blog for the year 2008. When I first started off the year, I only had one goal in mind: “Bring the undground knowledge to the common man”.  Did we succeed?  I want to say so, yes!

Check out this month of December page views.  You can see that Decemember was the first time we broke 100k views a month, which is amazing!


At the beginning of 2008, you know what our daily hit was roughly?  See the picture below:


So yes, we have made significant strides this year, and honeslty, I have no goal in terms of daily hits or anything like that.  As long as I have people viewing this blog, I am happy.

Notice that on this blog we do not spam you with donations or ads (except Voltaire’s PrizeRebel ad), but even that works because it helps everyone gets free stuff.

What were the top posts of 2008?  See the list below:


In general, people loved to play COD4 on cracked servers, so of course this is the hottest topic of the year.  After all, COD4 was a badass game!  Next in line were of course anything related to adult erotica passwords, and then the rest is a mirage of PS2/XBOX modding articles, as well as miscellaneous tutorials and things dealing with the internet.

I hope articles like these is what you guys are looking for as we try to decide what we shall write for 2009 and beyond.  Once again, thanks for coming to the blog, and if you want to become a writer, by all means let V1 know!  Thanks!

Slysoft – 2008 End of Year Deal

Slysoft AnyDVD

As of January 1st, 2009, Slysoft will change its update policy from free lifetime updates to an annual subscription fee. All license purchases made before January 1st, 2009 will not be affected by this change; as promised, all licenses purchased before 2009 will still be honored under Slysoft’s free lifetime update policy.

SlySoft announces this step in advance in order to provide its customers with the choice between the old and new licensing model. Buyers who act quickly can get an additional discount with the current ongoing special promotion.

Until Wednesday, December 31 2008 Slysoft offers a 20% discount on all software products–except upgrades. If you are entertaining the thought of purchasing one of Slysoft’s products, now is the right time to act!

Are you a DVD ripper?  A person who loves to backup their DVDs or maybe Blu-Ray movies?  Well, Slysoft makes a program called AnyDVD that can crack the encryption on these DVD/Blu-Ray discs so that you can rip them to your hard drive and make backups of them as necessary.

However, starting January 1st, 2009, the updates to the software will no longer be free!  People suspect this is because cracking the BD+ protection on the Blu-ray media is a lot of work, as the movie studios try to bump up the ante on consumers. As a last ditch effort, Slysoft has promised to give consumers free lifetime upgrades on products purchased in 2008, so today is your last chance!

If you have never used a Slysoft product before, I highly recommend you check them out.  They have a great software suite, especially their CloneDVD 2 program.