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TGI Friday! #4

Hello again to another issue of TGI Friday! As we enter into the month of February (it’s February already!?!?!?!?), I will quickly look at what happened in this last week of January.

First off, Super Smash Bros Brawl was finally released yesterday across Japan. Having received a perfect score in the famous Japanese magazine Famitsu (10/10 from all four reviewers), this is certainly something to look forward to America and Europe. Meanwhile, we can enjoy all the spoilers of secret characters. I for one am disappointed that Captain Falcon STILL hasn’t been announced, and sincerely hope he’s an unlockable character. The Smash Bros site will continue to update, now providing information on secret characters and other tips.

Smash Bros Brawl

In other slightly less exciting news, yesterday a couple of cut cables in the Mediterranean put a lot of Asia’s internet out of service, particularly Egypt, the Middle East and India. Many of the Internet Providers in Asia reported a 50% cut n bandwidth, which was disastrous for some companies and businesses. Although this probably won’t affect many of our readers, it certainly puts a lot of things into perspective; how a little problem in Europe can screw over much of Asia. As of Friday though, this problem has begun to subside a little.

Finally, although not really technology related, Iron Maiden begun their grand ‘Somewhere Back in Time 08’ world tour today, setting off in their brand new plane ‘Ed Force One’, named after their mascot ‘Eddie’. This plane, a first for any band, will ferry the band, crew, roadies, and all the gear for the live show, to all of their concerts. For some, this is just cool. For others, it’s a greener and more practical approach to things, as it only involves a single plane rather than hundreds of different planes and buses. Not only that, it’s flown by the band’s lead singer, Bruce Dickinson! How about that! For more information, check this site out, and for Bruce’s Friday Night Rock Show, check here (may only be for UK residents).

And now I leave you with an awesome british beatboxer. Enjoy!

TGI Friday! #2

Welcome back to TGI Friday! While we look forward to what the weekend has in stock for us, I will look back at what happened this week in the world of technology!

I love Fridays!

As you all no doubt know, the Macbook Air was released earlier on this week. Yet again Apple have gone for the size factor and made an extremely small product. One of the main selling points is that it can fit inside an A4 envelope. That’s pretty impressive for a laptop, especially one that has (nearly) all the power of a normal sized laptop, one which already boasts amazing specs.

Macbook Air

This does come at a cost though, as the Macbook comes without a CD/DVD drive. The solution is an external drive AND being able to load stuff wirelessly from another computer. For some this may be enough, for others though, along with the price tag of $1500+ (depending on additional features), this may be too big of a letdown.

Plus, I’m sure we’re all getting bored of Apple’s up-themselves approach to things… Even a MacFan such as myself.

Next up, the new Super Smash Bros has been delayed for a while yet till March 9th in North America. Still, looks like a hell of a lot of fun when it does eventually arrive. Check out their website for daily updates.

That’s all for today, so I leave you with the now infamous Corey Delaney interview. If you’re clueless, you’ll soon be filled in. Enjoy!

Sonic for Smash Bros?


 [Note:  Now now Underground writers, no need for these edited notes.]  😛

Can I get a ‘HELL YEAH!’ from the audience?

Yes, Sonic has finally been announced for Smash Bros. With the rumours that this would be the final installment in the series, and the fact that Mario and Sonic have teamed up for that Olympics game, it just wouldn’t make sense without him in Smash Bros. And so, to all those who said ‘No way, he wouldn’t be in it in a million years’:


Unless someone else did, in which case they told you so.

Check out the latest news at their website.