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[SNL] D*ck In a Box

It’s X-mas time, and what better way to relax than watch a funny SNL video?  Justin Timerblake really shines in this hilarious skit where he wraps his package inside a package.  What?

See below for yourself. :0

[SNL] Jizz in My Pants!

I’m sorry, but this video is frickin hilarious.  I give SNL props on this one.  Check it out below!

Tina Fey – SNL Skit Sarah Palin

[UPDATE 9/17/08] I found the full skit!!!!  Watch it here:

Tina Fey does a great impression of Sarah Palin.  Unfortunately, the video clips on youtube are short.  Here is a good one shown below:

Go to this Veoh link for more clips courtesy of NBC.