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Facebook More Popular Than Porn

Visits to pornographic sites decreased by 33% in the last two years, so either the human sex drive is lowering due to global warming, or that something else is out there. In a recent study, social networking sites ranked first, followed by search engines and emails. Cheap boob jobs only came fourth.


My personal opinion: This is kind of similar to another article I’ve read before, something about the sales of rap and hip pop music is on a decline, as a result of people realizing the negative influence it has. I just think that this is all bullshit, made by bunch of old generation people whose minds are fogged up. As everyone knows, all those porn sites and musics stores requires a subscription, i.e. money. So, unless you’re ridiculously religious (Judaism excluded), you’d want free stuff. Rapidshare and the vast amount of P2P users are owning the internet traffic in this era, it’s obvious that everything else will drop. Question, why didn’t classical music drop? Answer: WTF is classical music.