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MW3 Dedicated Server Tools – Play Online for Free

1-22-14: Initial Release.

For the past year or so, I’ve known a pretty dark secret about Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 for the the PC platform.

Using the ~14GB Call of Duty MW3 dedicated server tools, in addition to install respective game update patches and using the TeknoMW3 program, you can play online multiplayer for free, without buying the game.

In fact, if you use an older copy of TeknoMW3 (v2.7.0.1) with an older patch of the game, you can play single player campaign, as well as spec-ops LAN!

Why does the dedicated server tool have both the single player and all multiplery maps (minus DLC)? I have no idea. What I do know is that this same method worked with the FourlDeltaOne (who no longer exists).

So what’s left? Using TeknoMW3, you can continue to play online and have your good times.

Want to see the video tutorial proving this? See below. Enjoy!

[How To] Play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops Online Using Tunngle (Or Hamachi)

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11-14-09: Initial release. About time, right?

11-15-09: Added youtube video.

11-16-09: Added “Things to lookout for”

12-4-09: Added special fix for those using skidrow release?

12-28-09: Fixed youtube video.

12-3-10: Fixed dropbox link.

5-29-12: Fixed the megaupload link to now be mediafire.


Note: My thanks go out to TeknoGods obviously for providing one of the most important files ever for this game, and a friendly shoutout to all the people on Tunngle.  Sorry Garena guys, you get no love from me.  ~ Versatile (Tunngle ID = versatile)

Important Personal Message From Versatile:

Guys, I know there are a lot of you out there searching the Internet like mad for a GOOD guide that shows you how to play multiplayer online without using IWnet. As of today (11/14/09), there is a fix to play spec op co-op online, but not the real multiplayer portion. Once new information comes up, this guide will be updated.

Also, it is very important that this guide is for legitimate uses only.  Piracy will not be tolerated in any shape or form.  If something is written or found out of line, it will be corrected ASAP.  We (The Underground Staff) do not want a WordPress suspension.  We will not be offering links to “cracks” or obvious game executables.  There are legitimate users out there who want to play offline co-op for legitimate purposes.  This guide is for them.

If you have a question or specific problem that lies outside this scenario, then we will deal with it at that point in time.  Please understand my good intentions.  Modern Warfare 2 is a great game, and the co-op (and hopefully soon to be online multiplayer) will rock your socks off.  ~ Versatile

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