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NBA News and Review #1 (Nov. 30, 2010)


12-1-10: Initial release.

Note: I want to welcome a brand new author to the Underground Staff and that is toughtrasher.  Although he is fond of technology, he is a big fan of basketball and had asked if he could do a NBA teams review. Considering that we get very little action in sports here at the blog, sure why not? I hope you enjoy it! РVersatile

Welcome to the very first basketball and sports review of the Underground blog!
Top Teams:

1) San Antonio Spurs.
– The Spurs have been the most consistent team with a record of 14 wins and only losing twice at home (Which means they have a perfect road record), with one loss against Texas rival Mavericks by 9 points on Friday. They recovered from the streak-breaking game with a 14-point win against New Orleans. -The team will have a game against the Clippers at the road this Wednesday, and a home game vs. the Timberwolves.
– The Stats: Spurs 14-2 (7-2 Home, 7-0 Away). 37 point 4th quarter against Hornets and Ginobili with most outstanding effort [23 points, 7 rebounds (2 offensive), and 8 assists]. Tony Parker averaging team high 52% FG. Manu Ginobili averaging team high 21.6 points/game and 91% Free Throw.

2) Dallas Mavericks.
– Dallas has had the 2nd greatest 10 game record in the whole NBA league (tieing West Conference partner Jazz). The Mavericks is 13-4, but is 8 wins and 2 losses in 10 games. Not to mention a complete 6 win streak currently running through the team and winning by 8 points or more. The Mavericks have had a tiring 2 weeks as they play countless back to back games. Don’t forget to catch them on a road trip to Jazz this Friday (Dec. 3) and the Sacremento Kings on Saturday (Dec. 4). <– See? I told you they have to put up with a lot of back-to-back games!
– The Stats: Mavericks are winning 76.5% of their games and have only lost on the road once (6-1 Road, 7-3 Home). Dirk Nowitski averaging the most minutes in his team (at 36.8/game) and most points (25.7/game), second highest FG% (54.5%) behind Tyson Chandler (67.6%) and Brendan Haywood (59.1% which really doesn’t count considering he only scores less than 4 points a game). Jason Kidd averages 9.6 assists/game, the highest in the Mavs, and Brendan Haywood averages the team lowest 1 tenth of an assist per game (0.1/game). Whoah! It would take him 96 games to get as many assists as Jason Kidd has in one game.

3) Orlando Magic.
– Orlando has been putting up quite an excitement this 10 game span as they seem to be the fan-favorite of NBA watchers. The 3-game streak recorded Friday-tonight may be proving this statement correctly. On Friday Dec. 26th, the Magic only won by 1 point to Cleveland (7-9), a team that moved from a top 3 contender in the East last season to a #8 playoff spot-competer. Considering the Magic has lost almost twice as less as the Cavs have won thus far this season, I don’t think they should have come out with a 1 point win. And again the day after the Cavaliers game, comes another game. This time against the Wizards on the road. Another day, another game, another team, another 1 point victory. Although Arenas scored 32 points accompanied by Cartier Martin’s 21 points, the Magic should have come with a much larger point differential. Coming off a 3-day break, the Magic defeat the Pistons by 11 points. Watch the Hawks play the Magic on the 6th!
– The Stats: Magic (12-4 Overall, 8-2 Home, 4-2 Road). Dwight Howard scored 31 points against the Wizards and grabbed 11 rebounds, recording yet another double-double. He is also the team-scorer with 22.6 ppg and rebounder with 11.9 rpg. Not to mention, Howard is averaging the highest of the Magic in minutes per game (34.4), Offensive rebounds (2.8), Defensive rebounds (9.2), Steals/game (1.06), Blocks (2.44/game), Turnovers (3.06/game), and personal fouls (3.4).

4) Boston Celtics.
– Celts are the Eastern leader (unincluding the tie between Orlando and them). Tonight, they killed the Cavs (I mean, who hasn’t yet?!) by 19 points. The score was 87-106 even though they played in Cleveland, the Cavaliers home. They have a 3-game win streak beating the teams by an average of almost 12 points/game. The streak began on November 24th, when they beat the Nets by 7 points (Thank Shaq for his 25 point, 11 rebound double-double!)
– The Stats: Boston Celtics (12-4, 7-1 Home, 5-3 Road), Rondo averages a double-double with 10.6 points/game and 14.2 assists/game. Ray Allen is the team’s best FT shooter with 89% and 16.7 points/game. Paul Pierce leads the way with 19.7 points/game in less than 37 minutes. Garnett is the highest rebounder averaging 9.3 rebounds a game and over 15 ppg.

5) New Orleans Hornets.
– I may have disappointed many by putting the Hornets as #5 instead of the Lakers(13-4) or Utah(14-5) or maybe even the Thunder(12-6). But I chose New Orleans for one reason. Chris Paul. The guy is beast. He lead the team to a 10+ win streak, only to realize they were going to lose 5 times all of a sudden. They did lose two in a row this past week, but it was reasonable. San Antonio is a tough team to beat. Considering they are number one on this list, I can’t blame them for losing. And the Thunder is also a tough squad with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook leading the way for this young team.
– The Stats: Hornets (70.6% win percentage, 7-1 Home, 5-4 Road). Chris Paul (The only honarable one to mention) averages 16.5 ppg, 10.3 assists/game, 4.7 rebounds and 2.94 steals (Most in league!). Period. David West in not good enough. It’s all because of Chris Paul.

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