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[TiT] That’s It Tuesday – Issue 58

Tattoo of Tit Bird

Hi underground visitors! Welcome to the 55th issue of TIT, or That’s It Tuesday! Every Tuesday, I, Versatile1, will give you a rant of whats going on in the blog, whats intended for the future, hope, dreams, etc.

What is new?  Last week I got a chance to play through Red Alert 3, and although the game is fun, I wouldn’t say it knocked my socks off.  Yes, the water looks nice, and the idea that all units have secondary fire is cool, but the game just feels different.
I grew up with Red Alert 1 and 2.  Red Alert 3 is a whole new direction for the genre, and the fact that its no longer headed by Westwood Studios is a shame. Oh well, there is Blizzrad to look up to. ;0
As we all know, Far Cry 2 and Call of Duty World at War is out.  I don’t know if there are private servers available for each game, but I’m sure there is in some underground way.
If you know what servers are available, then help me find them and perhaps we can write an article on these games.
I have some other tutorials running around in my head, but I haven’t decided when I want to write them.  One article will dive into the art of hamachi, and how to use it to trick games into playing a LAN over the Internet with your friends.  The other tutorial is how to use an underground crack for the Steam client and download games and play them offline or on cracked servers.
When the time comes, you’ll know when the tutorial is here.
Anyway, I am going to re-do how I conduct the Demonoid invite round.  I think what I will do is twice a month (the 15th and 30th), I will send out a mass email to the group, and those who respond I will give them a queue number.  This way instead of having all these invites sent to me with an expiration date, I can just dish out invites as appropriate in a timely matter.
Almost every single day someone comes and asks for an invite.  Many of these guys I send the “test” email for them to respond back, and 80% don’t even do that.  Thus, no invite.  Muahaha.  It is simple, and it works.
Any other thoughts, let me know. Thanks!