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Ridiculous Real Life Stories – Share!


6-29-10:  Initial release.

Yesterday I was talking to a friend of mine, and I heard one of the most ridiculous things that I just had to share it because it was so ridiculous and the fact that it was true just made me grimace every time I tell it.

My friend uses Skype, and this will be his third Skype account. What is so ridiculous about that?  Well, let me give you the background information. So apparently with Skype, you can tell it to remember your password and autologin into the program. What was embarrassing to find out was that my friend had to reformat his computer due to viruses, and by doing so, he lost the account information to Skype.

What I am trying to say is that he didn’t know the password to his own account because he had the Skype program remember it for him. The sad part is he has done this twice already, and when I logged in over the weekend I got a friend invitation from him under a new Skype ID?!

I told him that Skype does have a password retrieval service on their website, and instead of going to to do the forgotten password, he just ended up signing up for a new account.  WTF?!

My Skype account is important to me as I have over 80+ contacts. If I had a concussion and somehow forgot the password to my account, I would not be caught with my pants down and I would have used the password retreival feature in a second. I would not even question it.

My friend only has 3 friends on his buddy list, so making a new account for whatever reason beyond belief is not a big deal for him.  It was the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my life.

I thought instant messenging your co-worker who sits across the cubicle was sad, but I think this one wins the prize!

How about you? Do you have a real life story that is so ridiculous yet true that it pains you to tell it? We want to hear it!

Why I Love Left 4 Dead – A Rant


Note: This is a series of various stories as told by Versatile.  If you want to search for future experiences shared by Versatile, please search for tag “Stories”.

Let’s face it.  Valve hit Left 4 Dead right on the spot.  Playing this game really makes co-op an awesome gaming experience. Talking about it in words gives you no justice, you simply have to play the game to be immersed in this incredible gaming atmosphere.

This is the way I see it and feel it when I play this game.  During online campaign mode, there are only 4 players maximum.  This is brilliant, as I feel that 4 people makes it just right.  If you have it too many, then the game is too easy.  Make it any less and the gameplay could be harder.  The best part of it all is this “No Person Left Behind” philosophy.  You have to work as a team in order to win each level, which is getting from point A to point B.

If your teammate falls down, it is your responsibility to help them get back onto your feet.  You never know, their presence could save your butt in a zombie fest.  There is nothing more satisfying to be struck down by a zombie, within seconds of your death only to be saved by your team.  It really is an exhilarating experience.

Now go online for versus, and it brings out the evil in people. *smirks*  Playing as infected zombies to take out the Survivor team is just awesome.  There is nothing more satisfying then being a boomer vomiting on people to get them blind, and then have a smoker rope a survivor through the trees on top of a building, while the last 2 hunters pounce on the remaining Survivor team members.  Something about being a zombie and dominating the human team is just satisfying.  Oh, but it gets better.  You take turns each round playing as the humans and the zombies.  This is your time to show your “what you got”.  Depending on how far you can make it in the level, you get the respective points for your time.

All in all, Left 4 Dead is just awesome for co-op play. I don’t think any FPS shooter for the PC has captured the intensity and teamwork like Left 4 Dead has in such a small scale setting. Already there are copy cats on the horizon, as “The Killing Field” is another zombie game which turns out to be a UT3 mod which allows  up to 6 co-op players.  Pretty soon the DLC content will be available making L4D even more fun with new gameplay mode and new maps.

Add in the SDK for user community maps and you got a fantastic game.

I started off this post with an ingame screenshot of a hamachi game that I played last night.  Full house, 8 players, versus.  It was a boatload of fun.  If you are looking for some of the action, but don’t really want to play with strangers from other hamachi networks, then I encourage you to join my L4D networks.  If they are full, then send me an email and I can give you a temporary network so I can get you in.  I have 6 networks, and I am cleaning them out as necessary so people will always be online at night and that people will have a chance to play.

Surprisingly, ever since I started this underground L4D hamachi networks, I have met some fantastic game players.  We play almost all the time, and you sort of grow a bond with these other guys, and I only know them through hamachi and nowhere else.  It is sort of funny.  I have the ability to play on dedicated servers using Ogerlauncher, but its a bunch of russian people and europe players but it just doesn’t feel the same.  Perhaps because I don’t know these guys, and they just felt like strangers.

However, in my hamachi networks, I am highly recognized for my efforts and holistic approach.  I have lost track of how many people I have helped to fix their various L4D problems, let alone create special networks to help them learn how to host and connect.  I think this is what makes me and my blog stand out.  The other blogs out there don’t have very good guides, and if they do, they are just junk.  Did I mention I spent 4 days in a role trying to get to the bottom of the Class C error?  Well, I frickin’ did it and it felt great to find the solution and write a guide and VIDEO too about it.  The most popular L4D guide I have is [Cracked] Learn How To Update Left 4 Dead Without Steam – Hamachi, and that is a damn fine guide.  With the help of the community, I am able to update the page with the latest patch links, and I think hamachi players find it pretty cool to find a blog author playing games with them.  I take their feedback, and write it on the blog as necessary so I definitely value other people’s input. ;0

Which reminds me – I am looking for similar hamachi hosters.  If you own a hamachi network, and you play L4D, or perhaps other games, let me know.  I want to get to know people who are similar to my gaming ethics and perhaps together we can create a badass community.  Thanks!

[Personal shoutout to hamachi players include: Hail2King, Ray-Z, Anklebiter, EazyPickins, Platypus, Shizhawt]

The Journey To The Next TUG Event

After reading the lack of comments yesterday on the TiT post, I decided to ponder about my journey in search of the next TUG event.  Wait, what is a TUG event?  I know some of you guys have some sick minds out there, as I’m sure TUG could refer to a lot of things like a boat, tug of war, pulling on something, and etc.  🙂

My usage of TUG here is an acronym for The Under Ground, hence the next The Underground Event for writing here on the blog.

Yesterday I thought more about the “Life of a Pirate” series, and decided that it was too forward.  There is a lot of good knowledge out there from honest people who are not pirates, and I did not want to proceed with the image that pirates are evil/good and that I should totally expose the pirate scene apart.

Plus, this blog is not meant as a forum for piracy either and I don’t want to be seen as that too.  In efforts to maintain the clean blog image, I have decided to move onto something that I can live with.

Welcome to what could very well be the “STD Stories”, where STD is Versatile1 acronymn for “Savvy Tech Dude” (or Dudette depending on article content).  I love puns, what can I say.

Breakdown of STD Stories:

  • STD stories will try to be posted once a week, but not guaranteed.  Expect it to appear out of nowhere, just like real life STDs.  🙂
  • STD stories are real stories about technology and how it is twisted to fit into someone’s life for logical or illogical purposes.
  • STD stories may dwell on underground material, but is not meant to be strictly related to it.
  • STD stories are meant to be written by The Underground Staff, but the community is highly encouraged to contribute via posts or offline interviews with Versatile1.
  • STD stories can either be fictional or truth, and the validity of the story is left up to the writer and for the audience to decide for themselves.
  • STD stories are laid-back, and could be a story, but doesn’t have to be.  A tutorial could be thought of as a “story” too in some regards.

I’m sure the list could go on and on.  Does it sound exciting?  It does to me.  We’ll see.  As time goes on, you will see what the flavor of articles is going to be.  Good times!