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Windows 7 Beta – Build 6801

I did it.  After 17 hours on bittorrent, I now have Windows 7 beta 6801 installed in VMWare.  It takes up 2.20 gigs of hard drive space, so not bad so far.








Above are screenshots of some of Windows 7.  It really does look like Vista, but it has some new features like the “Aero Shake” and the Peeking.  Please note that the “Peeking” feature is not part of this build, and that the new toolbar was enabeled through a hack.  So far I am running the OS in VMware, and it works fine.

I may install it into a real parition and try it out for a couple days.  Please note that this is not a stable version, so it should only be used for testing purposes.

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