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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 – 11-10-09

Let’s face it, it is going to be huge.  Analysts are predicting it will make somewhere around $500 million during launch week, which isn’t even bad at all!

There will be many stores with the midnight launch: Best Buy, Meijers, Gamestop, and etc.  Are you going to get your game on launch day?  In fact, some stores have sold it early and that is why there are a bunch of gameplay videos on Youtube.  In fact, the game had been leaked on Xbox 360 per torrents a week early, so people have been playing it since then.  Now the real thing will be here.  Are you ready for what could potentially be Game of the Year again?

And who could forget the very controversial level where you are a terrorist in an airport and your goal is to take out civilians?  Infinity Ward sure knows how to bring up controversy.

What is even more controversial is the loss of dedicated servers for the PC version. Tons of gamers have fouled outrcry against it, fearing that this does not give them modding capabilities and less control over their games.  Infinity Ward begs to differ, but we all know this is their own secretive way to charge for DLC content in the future.

Nonetheless, Modern Warfare 2 so far seems to live up to the hype!

Below is  a badass video where if you get 25 kill streak, you get a tactical nuke that wipes everyone off the map and equals instant win!

See the launch trailer below: