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TeamViewer – Great Remote Control Program

2/7/14: Initial Release.

I just love TeamViewer. I cannot explain how awesome it is, and this Winter season, I’m using it in ways I wonder how I could have done 10 years ago.

As I am writing this post, I am in my living room watching the Sochi Olympics. I am on my laptop, but I have TeamViewer opened controlling my desktop PC upstairs. See the screenshot at the top of the post.
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TeamViewer 8 – How I Like To Use It

12-23-12: Initial release.

Recently, TeamViewer 8 had been released. If you are interested in all the new features, click here.

I’ve been a long time fan of TeamViewer, and it wasn’t until I started using it consistently since TeamViewer 6 that I’ve grown to learn and love the program.

This blog article will not go into all the vast details of what TeamViewer offers, but instead, I shall go into how I have use it and what I like about it and maybe you too might have suggestions or other programs I can look into as well.

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TeamViewer 6 – Great Free Remote Connection Tool

5-28-11: Initial Release.

So for the last 5+ years, I’ve tested God knows how many remote connection tools to help out with other PC gamers. Some of those examples include UltraVNC, crossloop, and

Out of all of them, the one program I always go back to is TeamViewer. Why? With TeamViewer 6, it has a lot of cool functionality including:

  • Remote connection to a remote PC
  • File Transfer
  • Voice Communications
  • Conference Call capabilities
  • Chat capabilities
  • Recording Sessions
  • Presentation mode
and more.  For me specifically, I have used it a countless number of times to remote connect to other PC gamer’s computers because they are fail at learning how to port forward, despite myself having a video tutorial teaching people how to port forward on their computers.
Nevertheless, I figured out recently how awesome it is to use TeamViewer 6 within my own LAN, without Internet, and still be able to remotely access any one of my computers.  Why is this important? Well, let’s say I have a computer in the basement. Rather than walk downstairs and pull a file onto a usb thumb drive, I can use the TeamViewer built in file transfer mode and get the file in a couple seconds. This is really convenient!
I could rant on and on about the program, but quite honestly, it is pretty simple. See the video tutorial for a quick primer on how to get started!