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Happy Thanksgiving 2015!

For those of you today who are celebrating Thanksgiving, I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the holiday season, and if you are going out shopping on Black Friday, let us know what you are planning to get!

Happy Thanksgiving 2012!

11-22-12: Initial release.

For those of you that celebrate Thanksgiving today, Happy Thanksgiving. I am not going to bore you with the history details of what Thanksgiving is, that is what Wikipedia and Google is for.

Instead, how about I quickly go over for what I am thankful for? I am thankful for:

  • Having an active blog since 2007
  • Having a great Youtube presence online (first VersatileNinja, GameDexterity, and now vstPower)
  • For having written a book
  • For having a house, and a job, and a wonderful family that supports me
  • For all the great knowledge in my head that I continue to share with my community
  • For having a newfound love for multiplayer games with LAN, and making video/text tutorials to get others into the mood and more

There are certainly more things I could write, but I’m not going to. For you guys that know me, I am sure I have done things here that has helped your life in some way or another.

So how am I going to spend my holiday today? Well, fortunately (or unfortunately) we got 13 guests coming over to my parent’s house, so that means I got to help with preparing the festivities (cleaning, cooking, etc). That part of it sucks.

However, simultaneously, I am going to embark on a new adventure. As I write this blog post, I am in process of cleaning my laptop hard drive (more like organizing really) and backing up files to the Cloud or to my external hard drive.

Then I am going to wipe my C drive, get rid of my Consumers Edition of Windows 8, install the 9200 build, and then see if I can successfully activate and sort through the BS that is on the Internet these days. Do I really love Windows 8? No, not really, but maybe I’ll get used to it.

If I am successful in activating it, you will know where to find my tutorials. 😛

How about you guys? What are you going today, even if you don’t celebrate it? Let’s hear about it!



Happy Thanksgiving!

Everyone at the Underground Blog wishes those who celebrate Thanksgiving a safe and fun holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving 2010!

11-25-10: Initial release.

For those that celebrate Thanksgiving today, the Underground Staff wishes everyone a safe and memorable Thanksgiving day!

What will you be doing besides the Turkey dinner? I know I will be bum rushing through God of War 3, because I need the new space on my measly 80GB internal hard drive! LOL. Jailbreaking ftw. See you guys later!

Happy Thanksgiving – Versatile1 Style

Undergrounders, this is my personal greeting for those living in the United States, Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you enjoy my picture up above.  Now rather than get into the history of Thanksgiving, which Voltaire has covered very well I must admit, I will take this post into a different direction.

Be grateful for what you have in life.  Thanksgiving is a time to be happy, be fat, and above all, to remember who has made an impact on your life.  It may be a time of grieving, a time of happiness, or a time to just lay back and be lazy.

What will you be doing today?  Well for me, I got 3 main things:

1) Prepare the house for Thanksgiving party.

2) Rip the 6th, 7th, and 8th seasons of the Simpsons from my brother’s friend.  (Want a tutorial? )

3) Prepare for Black Friday sales.  C’mon Radioshack!

What will you be doing today? Leave a comment, show interest, c’mon, I know we have hits!   

The History of Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Thanksgiving, or Thanksgiving Day, is a traditional North American holiday to give thanks, traditionally to God, for the things that one has at the conclusion of the harvest season. Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States and on the second Monday of October in Canada.

They say that the first Thanksgiving was celebrated by the Pilgrims and the Native Americans up in Plymouth, MA. That, for the most part, seems to be true. But what foods did they eat? Historians aren’t completely certain, but we know that the pilgrims weren’t piling up on pumpkin pie or grave-ing their mashed potatoes. There was certain more meat than vegies, especially since the Pilgrims had access to lobster and seal.

Most people think that Thanksgiving was a yearly celebration. The fact of the matter is that the feast was a one time, three day long thing, mainly due to the fact that it was a harvest festival. The feast celebrated the Pilgrims first good harvest and the help of the natives. They were giving thanks that they survived the year and were ready for the winter. The feast was most likely earlier than our current Thanksgiving. The early settlers of Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts were particularly grateful to Squanto, the Native American and former British slave who taught them how to both catch eel and grow corn and also served as their native interpreter. Without Squanto’s assistance, the settlers might not have survived in the New World.

However, there have been other records of Thanksgiving, or Harvest Festivals, before the Pilgrims. One is the 1619 Thanksgiving by the Berkeley Hundred in VA. (More info)

For some interesting Thanksgiving History vids, Click Here!

For more history, Click Here!

Alright, that’s the gist of the history. Now, what is Thanksgiving without Turkey? I know you want to learn about cooking the perfect Turkey, so I found a video just for you.

But come on, we need to have a good laugh now and then!


Selecting a Thanksgiving Turkey Prank:

And now, we have a special message:

Hey Underground Members! Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks for all the support!

We would just like to announce that The Underground now has a Donate Page!!!

We appreciate any donation and all donations amounts!!!

Here are a few donation links that go straight to the PayPal page. You can also find all these at:

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THANK YOU and enjoy sleeping off that turkey!

“Give thanks for the art of giving…We Are The Underground!”

~The Underground Staff


We’re not done yet! Tomorrow is Black Friday, the cheapest shopping day of the year. Best deals, best buys! We have posted about this before, so as a reminder: Click here to view all the Black Friday advertisements!

And that wraps up this years Thanksgiving Special!