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The Next Step for V1?


The Next Step

The Next Step

As I have mentioned yesterday, sometime tomorrow the unveiling of V2 will happen.  There won’t be much content, but over time it will grow.  With that said, V2 will have a different feel to it.  As we start writing things that are more in lined with our core roots, what will be left of V1?

Do we stop writing new posts on V1, but continue to provide support on previous posts?  Do we write posts on V1 that don’t match the theme of V2?  Do we continue with V1 daily postings, in addition to the V2 posts?  (I don’t want to do that, lol).  As the main author, I am seriously getting burnt up.  Sure, I have a staff, but the output is less than the input.  I realize everyone is busy, but I have met my ultimate goal of daily postings for the last few months.   Now it is time to move on.

I am very interested in what the community thinks as to how we should proceed with V1.  Update it semi weekly? Leave it alone?  Anything else?  Let me know in the comments!