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Free Programs for your TI-Calculator

Do you own a TI – Graphing calculator? Is it an 82, 83, 83 Plus, 84, 84 Plus, 86, 89, Voyager 2000, etc? If so, there is this awesome website that has been around for years collecting programs from users. They have programs that you can download to your calculator ranging from games, science programs, math programs, engineering programs, pretty much whatever you dreamt of it is here.

Go to and check it out! Yes, even yours truly has submitted some of his own programs back in the day for the math section of the Ti-86. It was awesome.

How do you transfer these files to your calculator? If you go to , you can find the transfer program needed for your specific calculator. Plus, you need the cable hookup, which is easily $15 at your local Best Buy or Walmart.

If you wanted to type notes into your calculator, this is the smarter way of doing it. 🙂

[Update Nov. 8th, 07]  Thanks to prick Gonzalo, he thinks this post was a recent discovery.  The case is not.  To be politically correct, has been around for at least a decade.  It is a great site, check it out if you need some math or games for your calculator!