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Use Twitter To Discuss Torrents

Twitter is torrent-friendly thanks to BitTorrent’s Torrent Tweet, an app you can add to torrent client uTorrent to organize Twitter discussions about individual torrents.  With this app, individual torrent files are given hashtags that can be searched on Twitter, like this one.

BitTorrent VP Simon Morris said:

The point of Torrent Tweet is to adapt the powerful referencing system built into BitTorrent to the incredible social interaction engine that Twitter has built such that people can have conversations about things they are downloading, and they can be sure that they are talking about the same thing.

Morris hopes that other torrent sites will adopt #bt hashtag as well, but how realistic is this idea in the first place?  The torrent scene is the home of a lot of illegal activity.  People in the torrent community do not want to risk being caught by making their actions obvious on Twitter.  Despite the risks, though, torrent discussion on Twitter has no end in sight.  Do a Twitter search for the word “torrent” and you’ll be very surprised by how many people are posting torrent links.

[Time Saver] Efficiency in Answering Online Comments


Are you a wordpress user?  How about a youtube user?  Do you have comments that just keep on piling every day?  How do you answer everyone while still having free time for yourself and not get carried away checking comments all day long?  Easy, setup a schedule to answer all online related comments at the same time daily, once  a day.

Read on to see more.

Prepare for the winter road.


Winter is right around the corner and already more than half of the nation has received snow and that means time to get the car ready for the winter. About 950 people die in winter related accidents per year. Preparing your car for slippery roads and harsh weather is really simple, but there can be more to it than you might think.

There’s a nice, convenient checklist at this site where you can keep yourself up-to-date on what you need to do:

Also keep something crunchy in the backseat, it helps keep you active. Unsalted popcorn or some baked chips won’t make you as thirsty so you can keep both hands on the wheel. If you feel sleepy open the back window on the passenger side, the airflow will blow towards your neck where external temperature really affects you. Don’t get too cold, too much shivering can affect your driving. Do not listen to talk shows.

Best wishes, God speed and safe driving.

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