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Google Chrome – The New Browser from Google!

Guess what? – Google has released its own Web Browser!!! It is called the Google Chrome: logo to the left. GChorme is still in its beta development stage (v 0.2) but google is offering it for free download at their website. Here is the original link:

The main aim of this browser is to improve security, speed and stability compared to existing browsers. There were also extensive changes in the user interface.

Its just 475 KB, so it will take around 3 seconds or so to install. Try it: it worked like a charm for me and with no errors, it even warns you if you visit porn or malware or phishing website. It’s API list contains these websites. It has tabs (which are a common feature in new browsers) and also a lot of plugins like JavaScript and Adobe Flash Player.

Popup windows “are scoped to the tab they came from” and will not appear outside the tab unless the user explicitly drags them out. It is not clear whether they also run in their own process.

One flaw which was found is that: “Aviv Raff located a flaw in Google Chrome that can “trick users into launching executables direct from the new browser.” The flaw involves bugs in WebKit and Java, the latter bug having been discussed at the 2008 Black Hat conference. Apple’s Safari is unaffected by this flaw, as it uses a version of WebKit that has patched the flaw; Google Chrome uses an older version that does not contain the patch.

Download it here: