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Underground 2009 – Versatile’s Top 5 Favorite Posts

It is the last day of 2009 and what does the Underground have to show for a whole year gone by?  Well, a lot!  It truly has been a great year for me personally (discovered new programs, bought a house, played new games, new youtube and twitter account, and more) and I want 2010 to be an even better year.

So before I get started with the top 5 favorite posts of mine for 2009, please take a look at my initial 2009 post forecast for year 2009. I was partially correct, and no way did I know 365 days later what I would get myself into!  Read the January 2009 forecast post here.

#5 – TUG Blog in General

All right, so this is not a post, but more as an acknowledgement for what the TUG blog represents and what it is meant to be. It is at TUG (The Other Underground) where I can write “darker” articles and almost give things away. It is also where I write articles that don’t have a home here but a home over there.

For 2010, I got some ideas to really give it that Underground feel to it. If I really had to pick a favorite article, I would have to go with this one.  C’mon, who am I fooling if I were to pick anything else? 🙂

#4 – Tangent Conversations – Annoying!!!

At the time I wrote it, it was my favorite article of the year, but somehow I put it into number 4 slot. If you spend a lot of time online, then you know how important your time is, and there is no point in trying to get dragged into discussions you don’t have the time for. Read the article and learn how I cope with it, and some of the strategies that I use to get myself out of tangent conversations.

Use it not only for online discussions, but also for real life! Give it a try!

#3 – How to Use Btaccel(Cloud Bitorrent Client) and Optimize Firefox to Get Over 1GB Speeds For Your Torrent Downloads!

Btaccel is an online website where you can use it to download torrents for you. How it works is you sign up for an account, and then you give it a torrent link and it starts to download it for you to their online server. Once done, it will e-mail you and you can download through HTTP. This is perfect for those people who cannot use torrents, or must use HTTP to download stuff from the Internet.

Learn how to use Firefox to get even faster speeds with DownThemAll Firefox extension.

#2 – [How To] Play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops Online Using Tunngle (Or Hamachi)

This was a hard pick between my L4D2 and my MW2 guide, but in the end MW2 wins because this game by default is special. There is a reason why it is the most pirated game of 2009.  With the hype comes with the pirates, and man this game delivers.  The PC version still has no dedicated server support, so team Teknogods took it into their own hands to create their own creation to allow (for now) spec op co-op online play.

They succeeded, and I wrote about it. The guide was a pleasure to write, and it enabled lots of gamers I met on Tunngle to learn how to play online. It was so satisfying to defeat Infinity Ward at their own game. 🙂

Now my most favorite post of 2009…

#1 – Tunngle – The Hamachi Killer – Learn How To Play LAN Enabled PC Games Over The Internet For Free!

How I came across Tunngle is an interesting story.  Earlier this year with the Hamachi guys, we were playing Tom CLancy’s Las Vegas 2. The problem was we needed more people for this game network. Fellow gamer Seb did a google search and he sent me this message on Youtube:

At the time, I had no idea what Tunngle was. Immediately, Las Vegas 2 started working, and we found 8 people playing online at that time! It was awesome! I went to youtube, and noticed there were hardly any Tunngle videos, except kissmyrank Las Vegas 2 video.

Now what really tipped the scales was later that week I tried to force Halo 2 PC to use Hamachi. I spent 4 hours that day watching youtube and reading articles on fixes to make it work. Nothing worked.

I applied the same fix to Tunngle, and it worked on the first try! I just cried in happiness, and that is when I vowed no more hamachi, time to Tunngle it up. To me, Tunngle is the sleeper hit of the year and I am so glad to have found it.

The majority of the Tunngle videos on Youtube are most likely mine, so if you get a chance, definitely check them out!

If you want to learn more about Tunngle, please see the link above.  Let’s see what 2010 will bring me!