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What Web Sites Do You Visit Regularly?


I find it interesting that everyone has very different tastes in what type of websites they visit these days.  For some people, they go to a particular website religiously, and for others, they visit a certain website maybe every once in a while.

Below is my top five websites that I visit on a daily basis.

1. – I love their articles, and although it may seem random, the community is good and I’m able to brush up on a few things of my own.

2. – Always gearing up on the latest P2P knowledge.

Honorable Mentioned:, – These two websites are also a good source of P2P news.

3.  Email Services – I regularly check my yahoo account for youtube/blog related messages, and then gmail for my personal stuff.  With the popularity of the youtube videos, as well as demonoid requests, my yahoo email is pretty busy these days.

4. – The best aggregate of daily news for users, by users.  If I had only 10 minutes to spend on the internet each day, digg is definitely part of my internet time.

5.  Welcome to the Underground Blog – Was this a surprise?  Heck, I have it setup as my home page.  Everyday when I come home from work, I do two things:  Check the blog for latest comments, and check my yahoo email for youtube questions.  Everyday I expect some type of activity.

How about you?  What websites do you visit regularly?