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[Important] Versatile Has Moved To New Blog Domain


4-7-12: Initial release.

Note: This post is NOT fake. Please read this post carefully, as it has instructions about the new blog that Versatile will now be posting at.

Hey guys,

The purpose of this post is to inform you that I am now going to posting all new content at what I consider the next version of “The Underground”. I will now be found at, working with former Underground Blog writer Toughtrasher.

If you are currently a blog writer for The Underground, and you wish to write more, then please consider writing at We will welcome all new and old writers.

Versatile, why are you leaving this blog?

I am not actually leaving. I will continue to monitor this blog and answer comments as they come up but here is the story as to why I am making the decision to write new content at

As you may (or may not have known), the Underground has survived these many years being hosted on free, and for that, I am very thankful for it. But as time went on, my activity on this blog has slowly went down as I put more effort in growing my youtube channel (GameDexterity), and also the Versatile Street Team, and other projects.

In late February, Toughtrasher found me on Skype and told me of an opportunity that I could not refuse. He loved the Underground, and wanted to help it grow. However, he and I knew that we cannot grow it exponentially within the confines of free WordPress.

So he offered his services, his domain name, and help me grow The Underground at the new web host. At first, I was reluctant, but the the more we talked about, and the potential with new plugins and new badass themes (and more), I decided now was the time to make that move.

Don’t worry. I will still write what I always love to write about, and the type of content you will see is more of less what you have seen before.

Over time, I may (or may not) move the highly viewed articles over to the new blog. In fact, during this transition period, I may re-write many of the old tutorials into better, more structured formats, and its going to have better synergy between the blog and my Youtube video tutorials. In short, we will have good times.

What is the meaning behind

The name is quite simple. A lot of the information in this world is a mystery, especially if you never knew if certain information existed. Henceforth, it will be our mission to expose the mystery, hence

What articles are moving over to

As times goes on and if any specific articles are moved over to the new blog, I will write them here.