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[Life] How Important Is the Virtue of Trust?

3-3-11: Initial release.

Today at work an email was passed around the office. One of the guys that work in our department, his mother just passed away last night.

All I know is that he wasn’t at work yesterday, and he stayed by her side all day and night until she passed away. Thankfully, it was a peaceful passing.

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The World of BS – Be Careful

7-16-10: Initial Release.

Since 7-14-10, I have been in a wonderful California city called San Diego for some business trip. In particular, I was out with some fellow colleagues to visit a customer to discuss a future opportunity, as well as spend two days doing product training. It was during this time at dinner while having a few beers that we started to talk about the internal difficulties within our roles in our company, and that is when we started to talk about internal politics and all this BS that goes on in today’s corporate world.

I’ll spare you the details, but it all basically down to this: The customer has an idea and we were there to help him figure out a solution. Granted, we cannot commit to a date when it can be done, but we said we will look into it. The issue I have is that when I go back to the office and pitch this idea to my supervisor and other Engineering groups, there may or may not be a possibility to see this idea through, whether that is due to internal resources, finances, or whatever. Here we are at an opportunity that will result in millions, and I may have some undisclosed roadblocks to figure out.

In the end, its all about internal politics and just other crap that I simply call BS.  Do you know what I am talking about?  Maybe you have seen this BS game within your family, with your friends, significant other, or wherever else in life.

The problem with the whole BS game is that you may lie all you want, or you may try to stretch a white lie or whatever as long as you can. Eventually, the other person is going to figure out your game and may try to BS you, or better yet, you get caught.

Remember the story about the boy who cried wolf? In this story, a boy is in charge of taking care a herd of sheep, and every day he says “Wolf! Wolf! Come!” and all the village run up to the top of the hill and see no wolf and the boy is crying in laughter.

Well, one day there was a real wolf and the boy cried wolf and no one came. Well, the sheep got slaughtered and now the boy is in deep trouble.  Same thing anywhere else in life. If you screw someone over, your credibility is ruined and the next time you have something honest to say are they going to believe you?

Trust is one of those things that once it is broken, it is hard in life to regain it back unless you work through a miracle.  This is the world of BS that I am talking about,  and its more clearly evident if you are working in an environment where you see politics going on.

I could just be rambling here, but I thought it would be interesting to talk about because this was something I just noticed recently here in my trip in San Diego as I began to talk about life with my colleagues and discussing reality from fiction. How about you?  Do you remember where you were caught in a world of BS and it turned out horribly wrong? Let’s hear about it!

Trust – If You Lose It, Then Good Luck Getting It Back

As in my previous post, there are a lot of virtues in life I strongly believe in.  One of them is trust.  Have you ever been in a situation where you trusted someone to do their part of the deal, and it totally falls through?  How did that make you feel?  How did it make the other person feel?  Trust is what binds people together, and creates relationship.  The moment that trust is broken, you can consider your friend’s “ass is grass”.  This is story number 6…

Trust issues?