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[TIT] That’s It Tuesday! – Issue 1

Tit bird

As The Underground hits continue to grow, I have decided to start a new thing on this blog called That’s It Tuesday! or TIT :P. What is TIT? Every Tuesday, I will post what is on my mind, the kind of things I am toiling in my head, any announcements, surprises, enjoyments, etc. that I think The Underground community should know or might be interested in. Consider it as an update post on whats going on behind the scenes, my hopes, and my dreams for this wonderful blog. This is something I do in my free time. This is my way of sharing my knowledge with the world. Plus, its heck of a lot easier than updating a website. 🙂

So this is the first issue of Tit, and I was thinking, “Damn it, we need an icon to represent That’s it Tuesday! What am I going to do?” I searched the Internet, and I found this bird, the blue tit bird, and thus an icon was found.

Want more information on the bird? I found some at this link. I have decided to copy and paste the info below, and a brief description as to how it relates to The Underground staff currently.

Blue tit
Parus caeruleus

A common species at bird-tables, these attractive little birds are found throughout Europe, Asia and north west Africa.

Underground Staff: We are all unique people, of different ages and from different locations around the world. Some of us are from the United States, and TV Denim Chap is from the UK. I would think all of us are pretty on the inside, but the outside I can’t vouch for that. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Physical Description
Blue tits have a wingspan of 12-14cm, a body length of 12cm and weigh about 11g.

They have yellow under-parts with blue wings, a blue tail and a blue cap. Adults have white cheeks, but those of the juveniles are yellow. When they are excited, they raise the short crest on their nape.

Underground Staff: We are all of different body sizes, but what we do have in common is that we live on the planet Earth, and the force of gravity works on us all the same. 😛 We also wear clothes, so if the time is right, we could dress up and wear the same clothing, and only then would we be totally unique. Except Voltaire, I think he likes to wear another type of clothing if you get my drift….

They range throughout Europe (widespread in the UK), Asia and North West Africa.

Underground Staff: The staff writers are distributed across the United States and Europe currently.

Blue tits inhabit deciduous woodland, parks, gardens and farmland hedges.

Underground Staff: The staff lives in an environment that thrives on air, carbon dioxide, food, sunlight, and water. Some of us live in the city, others may live in the country, or in the suburbs. Voltaire unfortunately lives in the ghetto.

They feed on small insects, spiders, fruits, seeds and nectar.

Underground Staff: We feed on all kinds of foods. I imagine we like to eat pizza, pasta, seafood, and Ramen noodles. Exception is Voltaire, who needs protein so he likes his protein shakes and his cicadas.

Blue tits forage for food in the tree canopy, although they do spend some time on the ground searching for food, especially in the winter. Males are generally monogamous although some have been recorded breeding with two females.

Underground Staff: We are all human. Nuff’ said.

The timing of the egg-laying and the size of the clutch is related to the abundance of moth caterpillars. The nest is cup-shaped and made of moss and grass and lined with hair, feathers and wool, positioned in a hole in a tree or wall. The female lays 7-13 eggs in April-May, which she incubates for 12-16 days. The male feeds the female while she is brooding, and when the chicks hatch, both parents feed them. The chicks fledge after 19 days. Blue tits sometimes rear two broods a year, but this almost never happens in Britain.

Underground Staff: Once again, we are all human. We all reproduce the same way and do the same process. Except Voltaire, it is possible he was constructed from a test tube.

Conservation status
Blue tits are not considered to be globally threatened. They are generally very common throughout their range. There may be 3,300,000 pairs in Britain today.

Underground Staff: We are not threatened by other blogs or websites. We are a small part of the overall underground community. The important thing is we are here and the visitors who come here are learning something that their grandma isn’t so thank you.

Blue tits have a range of calls, including seeseedu and cherrrr-errr-err, but the song is a cheerful tsee-tsee-tsu-tsuhuhu.

Underground Staff: We all write and speak English, so thats our common form of communication. However, I think if you get Voltaire excited, he starts talking like Sloth from the Goonies, so let’s not go there. *shudders*