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Quick Update From Versatile

Just so everyone knows, I will be out on vacation from August 8th through August 16th.  I probably won’t be near a computer to check up on stuff until next week Thursday, so when I am gone this Friday, this place is going to be pretty empty, unless the remaining authors are going to be so kind enough to fill in for me with an article or two. *cough*

If not, then should I be surprised? >_>

With that said, the newsletter that is expected for an August 15th release date will have to be pushed back, probably sometime the week after my vacation or the following week.  The content in this month’s newslettter should be very good according to my sources. >_>

Anyway, before I head out on vacation this Friday, I really want to get some stuff done.  You know, the stuff that I promised. With that said, on the TUG blog this week, I’m going to squeeze off at least an article or two before I head out on vacation.  It will be tough though, because there is so much information I want to talk about on V1, but I really want to get some new dirt on TUG.

What is the criteria for TUG this week?  How do I determine if something is underground?

Simple.   If I can’t share it on public radio, TV, magazines, or newspapers, then it goes on TUG.  For example:  Learning how to remove the password to Excel documents.  Sounds fine right?  Well, its not cool if you un-protect an Excel spreadsheet from your boss that has hidden data about the companies cost structure. >_>  Now that’s underground!

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