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Book Launched!

6-1-10: Initial release.

6-2-10: Added mirror for download.

6-3-10: Added video.

6-7-10: Added media fire mirror.

11-17-12: Removed video, fixed mediafire link.

6-3-13: Fixed the download link.

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Versatile’s Section

Never has the “Print to PDF” button looked so useful until today.  After what feels like a year in fruition, the e-book, book, diary, journal, memoir, or whatever you want to call it is finally released!  Although I have been working on this book personally off and on starting end of summer 2009 and through the winter of 2010, the book is finally released today as promised. No delays, no excuses. On time as expected (relative to my time zone of course!)

I have been talking about this book off and on over the past few months, not really giving a strong synopsis of what the book truly is about.  I think after you read it now, you can see why it would be hard for me to fully describe it.  I am so glad that the book is now done, because now I can focus on other projects.

Yes, that is true. This summer I am looking at the UCC and see what I can do to help grow it and cultivate it.  Perhaps do a “Underground Summer School?”  🙂  Anyway, I have another side project that I will reveal sometime this week that will involve the community.  If you are able to participate, then I think the end effects will be amazing.  We’ll see what happens.

What is the meaning behind the Title? I’ll let Voltaire explain that one, as it was his idea at the last minute. I really wanted to go with a whistle blower idea, but then decided in the end it was not the image or perception I wanted to portray. If you read the book, you will know what I am referring to, hopefully.

I am dead tired right now, but I can’t sleep because I am too excited. I want to thank everyone who is an avid follower of this blog. For those who are new, this book is the result of hard work and dedication to what we love to do here. I will most likely make a promotion video of the book on Youtube, but not tonight.  Soon though, I promise.  Now its time to rest until tomorrow. 🙂

See Book Overview:

Video will need to be re-made/uploaded since Youtube banned my previous youtube account.

The Underground Book – Book Cover Art Brainstorming


5-3-10: Initial release.

If you had not known, the “Underground Book” shall be released on June 1st, which is not too far away! At the time of this writing, I still have not decided on the official title of the book.

If you want to help brainstorm additional ideas or help me pick one, go to the thread below:

With that said, is it possible to come up with a cover art ahead of time without knowing what the title of the book is going to be?  Possibly. This is where you step in. Are you somewhat competent with graphic creation type programs?  Maybe you know a few tricks in Photoshop. Can you create creative art?

If so, then I need you to contribute.  The theme of the book basically revolves around technology, piracy, psychology, modding, and ethics.  I doubt I can come up with an idea that wraps everything into one picture, but we can sure try.

Over the next couple days and weeks I will be toying more closely with graphic art programs and try to make an image (or maybe find/create a photo) that best represents what I need.

If you want to contribute, post your art, links, or comments in this thread and I will keep track of it.  Remember, the book is only as good as the readers!

Underground Update – March 1st, 2010


3-1-10: Initial Release.

Last week I did a contest that detailed a “Winter Cleaning” here on the blog. In order to keep it interesting, I decided to make it a game so that each day I did a change, and it is up to the users to figure out what changes I had done Monday through Friday. The winner who can accurately depict all the changes will win to have their name up on the blog on the banner.

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The Underground Book – Title Brainstorming Session

2-16-10: Initial release.

As you may or may not have known, I am currently writing a special Underground e-book for the blog which will be released in 2010 for sure. My goal is to have it released and launched before June, and I believe it can happen.  The book is 90% done on my end.

At the time of this writing, I have to review the conclusion chapter, and then proofread the earlier chapters.  The book is approximately 66 pages long in its current state, and I expect it to get longer once Voltaire finishes his special chapter.

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