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LANipedia v2 – Sneak Preview!

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12-28-12: Initial release.

So these last few days I’ve been working on updating LANipedia v2, and I’ve added a whole bunch of new games since last time I had released the project.

But this time around, I’ve decided to change the way I am collecting and organizing my data. Using Evernote, it has made my life easier in regards to putting the data together, and it has the ability to export my notes into HTML format, which makes life so much easier in regards to making a final website product.

See below screenshot for sneak peak of how I’m using Evernote for LANipedia:

So what do we have? Left hand side you will see my notebook called “LANipedia”. In there, I have sub-notebooks from # all the way to Z.

In the middle, you see the “Notes” where basically each game is its own note. ┬áThe right hand pane is the actual text information of the note, or in this case, a very specific game.

Next week I’ll make a new video and show off V2! Can’t wait!

What the V1 and the V2 mean to me…

Hey! I have been relatively new to the underground compared to V1, Voltaire, TV, GN, Music and other guys. I applied as a writer here on June 2, and have tried to be as regular as I can be. According to the rules, I should have written 16 posts but I have written only 7 posts, this being my 8th one. Some of my posts have generated over 5.8k views, some have not been appreciated and some are lame and written in a hurry. I have 79 comments on all my posts. I don’t mean to show off, but the reason why Versatile and Voltaire cant do this is, because they have so many comments, and posts that it will take a hell lot of time to add them up! =) ┬áSome of my top posts are:

1. iPhone Unlock

I had an iPhone, I was an author on this blog and I knew how to unlock it so, up came this post which has been my most popular post. These were perfect ingredients for a nice post. =)

2. …Don’t want to make you sad, but I don’t have any other top posts. You can expect some great stuff in V2 which I have planned. V1 and Voltaire also liked my idea… and I hope you will too! Stay tuned!