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Ever Taken A “Digital Vacation”? It’s Not That Bad!


8-24-11: Initial release.

So the other day I had announced that I was going to take  “digital vacation” from Youtube and all the responsibilities that come with it for just a week.  I call this the digital vacation. Now granted,  true digital vacation is one where the user would 100% remove himself from technology. This would mean no computers, no TV, no video games, or just no electronics period.

For those that don’t know, I run a Youtube channel on the side called GameDexterity. It is a nice Youtube channel where a lot of my focus has always been on tutorials, whether that is modding tutorials, Tunngle game tutorials, or just regular PC type tutorials.

We have broken 4,500 subscribers earlier this month, and we are still rising which is awesome news. We have a Youtube Partnership, and it has helped allow us to do really cool things on the channel such as a web banner, and special graphics for our video banners.

However, with this increased “popularity”, it has also increased the number of comments and PMs we get daily. About 95% of the comments and PMs that come into the Youtube inbox, it is related to most of my videos which make sense since a large portion of GD’s video content are my videos.

Answering these comments takes time, and I wouldn’t be surprised that it would take me easily 10 to 30 minutes  a day alone to answer the video comments and any other PMs.

Now granted, add on a busy working professional life, and trying to live a personal life  while still maintaining a thriving Youtube community can put a lot of strain on one person.

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Leaving for Vacation – 3 Weeks

12-6-10: Initial release.

Hey guys, I wanted to let you know I will be away from the PC from Dec. 9th through Dec 30th. I am actually taking a trip to asia with my parents and sister to go visit some over seas relatives. In my time gone, I will not have a PC to access the blog (well maybe, we shall see), nor will I be answering comments on the blog or on youtube or even my e-mail in a timely matter.

My guess is when I am back in full swing on Dec. 30th, I will miss a lot of comments and it will take me a long ass time to catch up. Oh well, such is life, isn’t it?

And where I am going? Well, I’ll let you guys guess and we’ll see who is correct when I come back! I will definitely take some pictures and show them to you! Take Care!

Rockin’ Friday – Vacation

Sonic the Hedgehog in SSBB

Smash Brothers FINALLY came out today in Europe. So I’m taking a break to play this with my friends. Rest assured, it’s an awesome game, and many laughs have been had. And I’m sure, many more laughs are to be had.

If you want something music related, then I found these guys a while ago. Tagged ‘the worst band ever’, they are pretty funny to watch. Here’s ‘Complete’!