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What Would You Like “V2” Blog to Be About?

[Update: 9-22-08:  There has been some slight disconnects in my original post.  All blame as noticed will be placed on me, and I will take it appropriately – V1]

First of all, what is the delay on V2?  The new URL has not been determined yet.  It is mainly my fault.  The issue with URL redirects is there are so many weird url ending choices, but at least we have the power to pick the root of the URL.  I’m toying with some ones right now, and I’ll bounce it off of Voltaire to see what he thinks.  Eventually, we will find something as a compromise and we’ll stick with it.  The goal is to have V2 ready by this Sunday.  Sounds like a long time away, but it really isn’t, not if you do the kind of work we do in life. ;0

This Sunday is my drop dead date to reveal the new V2.  If it fails, then I shouldn’t be a blogger then.  No, in all seriousness I want to get it up, and I’m sure Voltaire does too.  New authors are anticipating the new blog, and I assure you it will not dissapoint.  I know Voltaire does not get enough credit for his work, but he has been helping out behind the scenes with the FTP and other blog suggestions.  As much as I hate to say it, he is the real reason why we are moving to V2 so if anything, he is the real mastermind, not me.  However, you will see much of my influence in the new blog.

Voltaire - Undervalued Author

Voltaire - Undervalued Author

 So what happened to the thing about advertisements?  Well, it is pretty much hit or miss.  Google adsense is out of the question as I sort of blew it the first time around. >_<  In all honesty, I do not care about the side revenue, so it is not a priority to me.  You hear that?  Advertisements are not important to Versatile1.  In fact, if you do see ads, it will ultimately be because Voltaire figured something out and I had to sign up for it and get my identity ready to be stolen.   Now you know where priorities lay. ;0

So with that said, what do you want V2 to become?  I’ll tell you what I want to do so you know my expectations.  First of all, V1 has had a great run with daily blog posting.  In all honesty, I am getting burnt out, as my supporting team is not very supporting.  If anything, the performance has been lackluster.  I do appreciate the staff’s hard work, but their posts are offbeat.  One here and there.  Or better yet, a string of posts and then *poof*, nothing for weeks. Remember Demonator?  Shanlot?  The wild stallion?  Yea, didn’t think so. ;p

As the main guy here on the blog, I want to do something different for V2.  V1 is not reaching its core roots.  The roots being that we dig deep within ourselves, and show you, the common user, how to become tech great.  Maybe even hacker great.  I don’t know.

Instead, we have sort of drifted off into other areas, with humor and life articles and things like that.  It  isn’t all bad to say the least, except its as if we are missing the target I feel.

With V2, expect less frequency of posts, but more content.  Heck, I can name a bunch off the top of my head that would definitely irk an eyebrow. o_0

What does DRM mean to you?  How about bypassing DRM to listen to your music security free?  N-lite anyone?  MicroXP?  Restore Windows backup in 5 mins or less?  Hackintosh?  Portable apps?  Free online games?  Personal DVR rig?  Console modding?  DIY projects?  The list goes on and on and on.  With the advent of the Internet, it is easy to research materials and learn from them.  

That is the plan.  Less articles, but more intellectually satisfying.  The hits on V2 may not be as high as V1, as a crapload of viewers love COD4 servers and PS2 console modding.  Sadly, I will not import these articles into V2, as that would be a waste and dumb duplication.  V2 will be new articles, new content, and new blood.

Enough!  What do you want to see in V2?  More tech tutorials?  More content on passwords? >_>  More private bittorrent sites?  The possibilities are endless.  To make this simple, please keep your comments in this thread, and I will use the constructive criticism to improve V2. Thanks!