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[Tutorial] Rip Full DVD Movies, Encode with AutoGK

Are you a movie fan?  Do you watch a lot of DVDs?  Why not back up those DVD movies and protect your investment.  Instead of doing a boring screenshot guide, I made a quick youtube video.

The best part of using the ripit4me method is that after encoding in autogk, it will help prevent audio and video synch errors.

Few days ago I had ripped a movie with dvd decrypter and encoded it with autogk.  Movie was out of synch with the audio. Tried ripping movie again with DVD Fab Platinum and encoded with autogk to find the same results.  I took a change and used ripit4me method and now the movie plays flawlessly.  This is my gift to you.  Benefit from my trouble and start making some badass video encodes!

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