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[GG] GN’s Gutbuster Thursday. Volume 3.

Well ladies and gentlemen, it’s the first of May. GTA IV has hit the shelves, spring is screwed up and it’s time for GN’s Gutbuster Thursday!

I would like to set a pseudo-theme for this edition. Classic memes. Yes, you’ve seen them, you’ve pooped your precious trolling pants, and it’s time to revisit it. There are millions, if not billions and trillions of memes out there, and every single one is considered to be ranked at the top, so, I give you a collection of those revered by myself, and those around me. Let’s start with some classic pictures.

Watch out!:

No, there will be no Rolling of Ricks in this post. However:

This next one is a shout out to a special someone; I totally remember them being THIS cool:

The longest joke in the world – read it all, DON’T skip ahead!

How about YTMND! (make sure you open in Internet Explorer and refresh if no sound)

Finally, I give you a classic meme in internet history. Watch out for an R Kelly reference at 1:28!

God speed, and Best wishes.