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5-15-11: Initial Release.

I was surfing the Internet the other day, and I was looking for a game patch for the newest Brink. What I found was a nice blog site that not only had the Brink Skidrow Update 3 patch, but it has a multitude of other things as well!

Although I wouldn’t characterize it as a hardcore warez site, it did have some items available for users who may want to download certain items, without having to go through a torrent site or a forum site.

If you are looking for game patches, movies, or some other types of media, then go to and check it out!

Site: – Great Forum for Knowledge

5-10-11: Initial release.

Every now and then, I get a user who keeps on asking me if I know of any “great” forums for them to expand their knowledge.  Because as we all know, sometimes the best kept secret cannot be found on a regular website, but has to be found in the underground like in some discreet IRC room or perhaps a forum in which no one knows exist.

The biggest problem I see myself is how does a person even know how to find a particular forum, let alone randomly search for it?  Today I bring to you a small piece of knowledge that I gained over the years. I don’t remember how I found this forum, but it was another fellow Internet user that made me stumble across it, and this was back in 2004 era. 😛

I bring to you, which is a forum of miscellaneous knowledge. If you are looking for specific links to quench your need, they got it there. Any type of media you are looking for might be found at this website. Granted, I haven’t had an itch to visit a forum like this because many of the links you will find are rapidshare, mediafire, or other similar type sites. Still, I know some people are blocked from torrents, so a forum like this could be helpful in their quest.

So if you are looking for a new forum to brush up on some knowledge, or the places you are currently subscribe continue to suck, then look no further than Let me know what you think about it! Thanks!

When Underground Values Clash – Look at It From My View

Foreword:  This thread is a personal view on what it means when people throw out the term “Underground”.  This is simply an expression of thought, and not meant to promote warez or illegal activity. ~ Versatile


7-22-09:  Initial release

If you hadn’t known already, I read all comments on this site and if something comes to mind I blog about it.  Sometimes you got to be careful, because you never know when it might resurface indirectly here as a topic of discussion. Anyway, the latest thing that is going on that almost ticks me off is what I read recently.  A user who has been following us off an on since the 3rd suspension said:

[but] …I am not seeing any good “underground” content.

Basically, we have a user who visits the blog from time to time, and since the last suspension, the articles and topics that come up on this blog are just so-so.  Is that the vibe?  No feedback on the TUG blog?  Maybe I’m just jumping to conclusions, so if you have seen the TUG blog (content is limited but its slowly growing) please leave some comments here.  (

Anyway, this comment really hits home hard, and its rough because there are are so many variables that may not meet a certain reader’s expectation.  I wish to explain what is going on in my head, and the risks I am taking for this blog.  This is my personal take on the matter, and not anyone else.  I am speaking for no one else here, only for myself.  If you are an author and you want to elaborate on my topic, please do so in your own thread.   I am curious to hear someone else story besides my own.  For now, I am the target so send me your bullets.

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[TiT] That’s It Tuesday – Issue 28

Tit bird
Hi underground visitors! Welcome to the twenty-eighth issue of TIT, or That’s It Tuesday! Every Tuesday, I, Versatile1, will give you a rant of whats going on in the blog, whats intended for the future, hope, dreams, etc.

I am back in action this week, and I’ve been pondering what to do with future articles. As you can see, every day almost there is a theme I try to adhere too, but after awhile it gets hard trying to pull things out of thin air. Or is it? The internet is full of useful information, right? Of course it is, otherwise I wouldn’t have wankers asking me about modding their consoles or asking how to find porn passwords. As both you and I know, this is useful information apparently.

What if I were to start a series something like “Confessions of a Pirate”, “Into The Mind of a Pirate”, “A Pirate’s Life”, etc where I would find someone to interview to talk about what it takes to be a technological pirate in the year of 2008. No, I’m not talking about pirates in the common sense like Jack Sparrow with parrots and pillaging, but a pirate like someone who:

  • Enjoys using the internet to get illegal copies of digital media through bittorrent, usegroups, IRC, Rapidshare, and etc.
  • Enjoys saving money and screwing the big time corporations out of their crappy products
  • Enjoys exploiting their hardware
  • Enjoys “free” software while smirking at those who buy for the same things
  • Enjoys living care free despite possible copyright infringement
  • Enjoys keeping hard drives full of digital media (CDs, or DVDs) in boxes or binders
  • Enjoys ripping DVDs and converting them to avi files or copying DVDs

The list goes on and on and on. Perhaps you want to learn the tactics of the pirate, or you want to understand their mentality. Or perhaps you think pirates are evil, and you want to voice your opinion. Sounds interesting? It does to me.

However, if I were to bring such a series to life, what does that mean for the blog? Will you consider us evil for providing such information? If I said I was a pirate, does that influence your view of me? What if I said I despise pirates? What then? Piracy is a big issue, don’t get me wrong. It requires ethics, and I’m sure a whole slew of other controversial ideas.

There are blogs/websites that specialize in Warez, we will not. Education is what I will strive for, so drawing a fine line between legal and illegal information is hard for me. We’ll see. If you think this is a badass idea, sound off in comments please. Just writing about this makes me excited. Thanks!

How to Get Money, Music, Movies, Rapidshare, Warez, and Porn for Free!!!!

When you found this thread from WordPress, search engine or other methods, did you think that I will give you the secret to all your guilty pleasures for free? 😛

Well, guess what? This thread is fake. I will not show you how to get any of these. Instead, this is my retaliation against the spammers that consistently hit The Underground Blog with bullcrap comments, and this is my only post that I will use to vent and rant about spammers.

The purpose of this thread is to use it as a holding place to collect all the crap from the world and funnel it to just this thread (hopefully). By making this thread, all the spam comments from the other threads will just go to this one instead is the goal. Of course, the easiest way to decrease spam on the blog is to delete the original posts that talk about free stuff like rapidshare links, games, movies, and etc. These posts have already gotten a good amount of comments I have grown to love to keep and I don’t want to erase a part of Underground history. 🙂

Spam bots will probably spam this post, and if they were real people, they would recognize this post has nothing to do with rapidshare, porn, or any of the like. You know what? I’m fine with it. It will just help with my WordPress filter. 😛

Maybe this post is useless, but at least you know what is pissing off Versatile1 for a long time now. 🙂 For the record, spammers are not winning at The Underground. Voltaire and I work very hard behind the scenes to make sure spammer comments are not cluttering our posts for your viewing pleasure. We know how hard it is to get good, solid, truthful information on the Internet, and we are doing what we can to make that a reality here on the blog.

Spammer hatred on your mind too? Leave a comment, and maybe we can join forces to help fight against the Cloverfield monster from the Spammer world.

Bioshock: Game Ending

Warning: Due to the recent release of this game, this is deemed a spoiler.  Watch at your own risk.