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A Super Soaker’s Wet Dream

Hey guys, do you remember playing with super soakers when you were young?  Wait, you don’t know what a super soaker is?  WTF!

A super soaker is basically a water gun, but it comes in all shorts and sizes.  Well, the super soakers of today suck compared with what you could get in the early 90’s.  Anyway, I found this picture and it is this guy’s collection.  (At least I think it is.)  Enjoy!

Dirty Secrets About Hotel Drinking Glasses

Well, apparently, even the glasses at the hotels aren’t good enough anymore. Why? They may not even be clean! A hidden camera investigation shows that water glasses in your hotel room may never reach a dishwasher or even water:

Versatile1 edit: Because Voltaire’s video embed didn’t work, here is the link to the source with the video: Link