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Windows 7- System Ratings Index – How Is Yours?

1-25-14: Initial release.

Above is my picture of my current Windows 7 system rating index. In the very near future, I will be upgrading my current desktop PC from a dual core AMD 3800+ at 2.0GHZ to the newer AMD FX-8320 processor (8 core).

I’m going to be getting a new motherboard, and new RAM. For now, I will re-use my existing video card, but I expect to upgrade that as well soon in the future.

I will post the new system rating index results once I have fully upgraded my computer, but how about you? How does your system rating compare to mine?

Which item is the bottleneck in your system? Take a screenshot, share, and let’s compare!

[How To] Play Soldier of Fortune on Windows 7 64-bit Tutorial

11-17-12: Initial release.

When I was growing up as a kid, one of the games I used to play all the time was Soldier of Fortune. At the time, the game was awesome because it was the first game of its kind to allow the user to shoot off limbs and body parts right off the body.

Want to blow off the arm? Go ahead. Maybe just a leg instead? Sure, go for it!

But now with modern machines, you may try to run the game, and it doesn’t work? It crashes? Well, I found a simple way to make the game work.

The steps are below:

1) Install game.

2) Install latest patch. Go to to find latest files.

3) Now go into your Soldier of Fortune game folder. Make a copy of the SoF.exe and repaste it to make another copy. Rename the new file as mohaa.exe.

4) Now run the SoF.exe and play the game! Apparently, having the mohaa.exe for whatever reason allows the game to work. See screenshot below:

Hope that helps, enjoy!

The Ridiculous Digital War – Windows XP Vs 7

4-5-10: Initial release.

Today someone on Yahoo Messenger had asked me which is better, Windows XP or Windows 7 because my co-host HelloMe7 said that Windows 7 was utter junk (actually, he said something else but I will keep it clean) and he wanted my opinion.

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January Underground Youtube Wallpaper Winner

Download link to wallpaper here.

Everyone, I want to personally thank Seb for winning this months Youtube Wallpaper contest!  It was tough deciding what video to put his wallpaper in, but the other day I re-recorded my Halo 2 tunngle video, which in sort is very special to me because Halo 2 I could not get to work in Hamachi at all, and it worked in Tunngle the first try.

Since then, I have become a devout Tunngle user. You can see this wallpaper in action in the video below. Stay tuned for next month’s contest!

Windows 7 – October 22nd Release – You Getting It?

It’s just about here! October 22nd is the release of the new operating system from Microsoft. I’ve been running the RTM version for quite a while now that was on the Technet networks, but I will definitely be getting a new copy of Windows 7 very soon.

I’ve run all the betas since last November, and I am psyched that the new OS is almost here.  I can’t believe it.  It really is the successor to Vista, so that begs the question:  Why would you even buy Vista now that Windows 7 is here?  Well…you don’t!

Are you getting Windows 7?  If not right away, then when?  I will be installing it for sure along with my Windows XP (only to run some nit picky XP programs although I may have to try this new XP virtual machine software).

[How To] Play Halo 2 PC Online With Tunngle For Free


7-31-09: Initial Release.
8-8-09: Added hamachi network to coordinate tunngle halo 2.

8-9-09:  Added registry download so you don’t have to do it manually!

10-10-09: Added teknogods beta 12 link and changed instructions.

1-15-10: Here is the teknogods beta 14. Download.

1-16-10: Added clarifications to tutorial about F12.  Added a download link for additional “help” files.  Added halo 2 video finally.

1-31-10: Fixed tutorial to have teknogods beta 15 link.

3-18-10: Fixed dropbox links.

5-17-10: Added teknogods beta 16.

4-29-11: Made it more visible for the network dll download.

8-14-12: Fixed link.

11-9-12: Fixed link for teknogods.

11-9-15: Added new video tutorial using Windows 10.

Foreword:  With the recent discovery of Tunngle, I wanted to experiment to see what other games I can get working.  After spending 2 hours figuring out that Hamachi does not work at all with Halo 2, I went onto Tunngle.  By the time all is said and done, about 5 hours of frustration with fellow gamers helped me get to the solution I present in the article.  Enjoy!  ~ Versatile

Let’s face it, Halo 2 for PC was a big deal back in the day.  When Xbox users got Halo 2 for the Xbox, it made the Halo 1 PC users very jealous.  Now it came for Vista, and guess what?  It wasn’t even a hit!  LOL!

In today’s tutorial, I show you how you can use Tunngle to play Halo 2 online with your friends.

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Windows 7 Release Date – October 22nd!

Microsoft recently announced that October 22nd is when the next version of Windows will be released. Sweet! I am using the RC right now and I am truly digging it.

When October comes around, I will definitely be moving to the new OS. Will you?

What’s Up With Windows 7


What’s up with Windows?

Windows 7’s (beta) installation was solid and easy, and finished within nearly an hour. One of the first things you realize is the impressive clean and pure feel. There’s also a load of new features. It also doesn’t have that annoying lag which Vista just about associates with anything. It’s also good for first time Windows users, as it is easy to use and read.

Other than that feel I just talked about and the ‘fish’ background, you’ll probably notice the taskbar at first too. It’s fatter and bigger; it also views programs a lot more easily and has quick previews. Its icons ‘sit in’ the taskbar and they look much more futuristic. Microsoft has also added in jump lists, so you can get to useful and handy info (such as recent Microsoft Word documents).

Device management has also improved measurably. You have one single screen to control hardware, instead of multiple pages. It also has a new handy feature known as HomeGroup. HomeGroup helps you set up home networks, share files and printers and connect to wireless networks. Much easier then before, and much less confusing too!

There’s also actually a lot of different types of Windows 7.

Windows 7 Starter

This is the most simplest version, but it’s unlikely you’re going to use this.

Windows 7 Home Basic

There won’t be a retail version for this, so don’t bother searching…

Windows 7 Home Premium

This is the default version and ‘normal’ version. It comes with most of the features.

Windows 7 Professional

This has everything Home Premium has, but it’s got extra booty such as presentation mode, remote desktop(s), advanced printing, backup options and data encryption.

Windows 7 Enterprise

Made for businesses… large company businesses. You’re only going to want this if you’re going to install it on a few hundred computers. Has extra stuff like booting from a virtual drive and a Bitlocker drive encryption, everything else is the same as Windows 7 Pro.

Windows 7 Ultimate

It’s got everything Enterprise has but this is a rare product, so you won’t be able to walk into a retail shop and buy one. It will be offered as an upgrade to other versions.

How will this affect gamers?

Windows 7 has been tweaked around and it’s meant to improve performance. This is good for all you Vista users, because games usually run slower under Vista than XP. Programs load faster and the lag is less than Vista’s when you have about 20 programs opened at the same time.

However, Windows 7 can’t stably run two GTX 295s in SLI (what a shame ;( ). Instead, you’ll have to run it singularly. There is only a small increase of performance. It had decent improvements in Far Cry 2, containing a few more frames per second but it didn’t have more in Crysis.

Windows 7 is also going to be used as one of the platforms for Direct X 11. There aren’t many GPUs which can run DX11 yet. It’s also going to be released on Vista (but who’s going to use Vista when there’s Windows 7?)

The extras in DX11? There’s tessellation, Computer Shading and multi-threading.

Tessellation is the process where games (or graphics) are made up of triangles. The more triangles, then the better detailed. This’ll help quality and graphics.

Multi-threading allows games to have better advantage of multiple CPU cores for video hardware, API and games.

Computer Shader allows programs to directly access the GPU shader pipeline for general computing. This’ll help game designers (for physics calculations) and a lot simpler for programmers to write software.

So what’s probably gonna happen next? All the Windows so far all have the same style and ‘architecture’ as Windows 98. Apparently, Microsoft had released some news about a new OS called Midori. We don’t know a lot about Midori yet, but it’s different to Windows (so they (always) say…). It’ll use x86 hardware but the thing is you’re not going to be able to own it! It doesn’t have an official release date yet.

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[How To] Burn ISO Files with MagicISO

MagicISO is another cool and simplistic CD/DVD burning program. According to their website, it can:

MagicISO is CD/DVD image utility that can extract, edit, create and burn ISO files. ISO file are images (duplicates) of complete CD/DVD disc. containing exact binary copies of the original CDs. Usually, you have to burn an ISO file on a CD to extract its contents, but now you can simply open an ISO file in MagicISO.

You can find out more about MagicISO at their website:  MagicISO

Even better, I did a quick tutorial today on how to burn ISO files with MagicISO.  Lucky for me, I am doing a guide on how to burn Windows 7 RC ISO!

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[TiT] That’s It Tuesday – Issue 57

Tattoo of Tit Bird

Hi underground visitors! Welcome to the 55th issue of TIT, or That’s It Tuesday! Every Tuesday, I, Versatile1, will give you a rant of whats going on in the blog, whats intended for the future, hope, dreams, etc.

I’ve been pretty busy with work, so I haven’t had a chance to put up anything terribly exciting around here.
I did get a post up few days ago showing my Windows 7 beta setup in VMWARE.  Expect a public beta version of it in January 09.  Rumors are saying that Windows 7 may come out even earlier, say before holidays of 2009?
I have gotten a cracked copy of Red Alert 3.  If you are experiencing the black screen in the beginning, I suggest you either disconnect from the Internet, or you let it access the Internet.  All it will do is prompt you if you want to download the latest patch. At time of this writing, there is no true 1.03 crack but you can use the 1.00 crack if you desire.
I’ve beaten the Soviet campaign, and it took me a couple hours over the course of 2 days.  Going to do the Allies next and then the Japan campaign.  So far the graphics are tight, and I hear that a cracker is hard at work at making co-op available for LAN play.  Hahaha, Hamachi users unite!
Play RA3?  Use Hamachi?  Email me and maybe we can play then.  Anything else?  Leave a comment!