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[Game Ending] Halo 1 on Legendary

Beat Halo 1 on Legendary mode? What you see is the Covenant and the human hugging…ah, so cute!

Here it is for your enjoyment!

[Game Ending] Halo 2 on Legendary

Enjoyed Halo 2? See the ending one more time on legendary!

Launchy: The Keystroke Launcher for Windows

Ok, ok, we here at the Underground know that long titles are scary, boring, and all of the above.

Hey, read this about Launchy: It’s probably one of the best things you will download (for free might I add, no strings whatsoever) this year and next year.

What is Launchy?

“Launchy is a free windows utility designed to help you forget about your start menu, the icons on your desktop, and even your file manager.

Launchy indexes the programs in your start menu and can launch your documents, project files, folders, and bookmarks with just a few keystrokes!” ~

In simple terms: Press your two hotkeys, start typing what you want, and when launchy has found it, hit enter. Oh yea, you don’t have to type a lot depending on what programs you have and what you let launchy index. Simply typing in “F” and hitting enter can get firefox

Here a few more perks:

1) You can access the web straight through launchy! Once you have your web browser selected, hit tab, type in the website, and hit enter

2) You can search google. no joke. Select google, hit tab, and type in your search. I’ve done it, it is flawlessly amazing!

3) You can mod launchy, by changing skins, add extras. You can even use it to do math!

4) Launchy is sleek, uses few resources, and can be booted off of a USB drive, so you can carry it with you.

So, go to to start launching!

(btw, just to prove the prowess of launchy: i can open xfire, MS word, firefox, google talk, fraps, itunes, and steam all within 10-30 sec)

or click here

Xfire – The Buddy Chat for Gamers

Do you play online PC games? There is a IM program made for gamers in mind. It is called Xfire, and you can get it at

Xfire is very similar to other chat programs like MSN or AIM, except for gamers. How it works is this: Download the client, install, make a user name. Start inviting your friends and they show up on your Xfire client.

When you play inside a game, people can send you Xfire messages within the game. How this works is this: You see a Xfire pop up message within the game for a few seconds, and then it disappears.

If you want to chat again while in game, press the button combination Scroll Lock + X, and you can chat right there on the spot. The beauty of this is, you don’t need to exit your game, or Alt- Tab or anything. Pretty sick eh? Also, Xfire lets you upload your screenshots and hook it into your account, as well as log how many hours you been playing that favorite game of yours.

If you want to add me, my tag is rockdawg.

Xfire Client