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How To Connect Wireless XBox 360 Controllers for Windows Tutorial


3-20-15: Initial release.


Do you have an xbox 360 game controller (wired or wireless) and had issues connecting it to the PC? Well, worry no further because it is really easy to do.

I’ll break it down in a nutshell. Basically you install the drivers for the usb dongle. Then plug in the dongle into your computer. Press the button on the dongle so the light flashes. Now click the “guide” button on the middle of your controller so it turns on. Now press the little “connect” button on the top of the controller and your controller will be linked to the wireless dongle adapter!

Now go play your favorite Windows PC game that has native Xbox 360 game controller support and have a lot of good times. See video tutorial below for more information:


[How To] Play Watch Dogs (PC) With PC or PS2 USB Controller Tutorial

5-31-14: Initial release.

Watch Dogs for PC was recently released, and since it is strictly a 64 bit game for Windows, you are going to have to do some extra work to get your PC USB game controller or a PS2 type controller to work properly with Watch Dogs. The basic outline of how this works is below. The download links are in the video description of the Youtube Video tutorial.

  1. Download latest copy of x360ce.
  2. Download the x64 binaries.
  3. Extract x360ce into the Watch Dogs main directory. Run it and configure your controller.
  4. Now exit the program, and copy over the x64 binaries.
  5. Run the game, and your game controller should be recognized.

Youtube Video: Click here for the main download links.

XBOX 360 – Direction In How To Fix RROD

4-8-10: Initial release.

The Xbox 360 is prone to RROD. Unfortunately, it is due to bad solder joints. Microsoft has paid a lot of warranty costs in the billions, but was it worth it? They rushed the system to market before any of the other next gen systems and now the Xbox 360 is a profitable system for them.

However, they will never ever be able to recooperate the money lost in warranty claims.

For the regular user (you), it will suck if you have RROD.  I have an Xbox 360, but it never has RROD.

Trivia fact: Versatile cannot and WILL not help you diagnose your RROD and help you fix it. Versatile cannot guarantee the material in this article will help you fix your RROD.

Because of that, I cannot help you directly. What I can do is point you to websites or provide educational material that can help you. If you want to help me out, leave a comment and I’ll post it here.

Sources to Help You Fix RROD

PDF RROD Tutorial: Megaupload

Xmas – Thinking Ahead and Buying Moddable Electronics

With Christmas almost here, I thought I would share  short story with you guys and how this spawned an idea for this article.

Last week at the office, I had an Xmas party and during lunch I had heard one of my fellow co-workers talking about how she spent all this money over the past weekend for gifts for her 9 and 12 year old sons.  Among the gifts included a Nintendo DS Lite and the Sony PSP Go.

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Mistakes = Learning Opportunities

Last night was an excellent night in the Versatile household.  Here I was in the basement with my brother, and there we were drooling over the computer screen.  What did we see?  Before us, we had ourselves a fully flashed Lite-On DVD drive from our Elite Xbox 360.  Significance?  The flashed drive will now let our XBOX 360 play all of our backed up, retail bought games.

Why is this significant?  Xbox 360 games can range as high as $60 dollars. I know some people who are hardcore gamers, and nothing is worse than having your favorite game that you play daily suddenly crap out on you due to scratches or other scenarios that cause the game to be malfunctioning.

To combat this, users can make copies of their own XBOX 360 games (remember, owning a backed up copy of a game that you do not own is illegal) to preserve the original state of their retail purchase.  It was surely a joyous occasion.  How could it get any worse?

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GTA IV – More Amazing Than You Realize

On April 29th, GTA IV debut for both the XBOX 360 and Playstation 3. You must be living under a rock if you are not familiar with the GTA series at all. For history sake, GTA I and GTA II started off on the PC, and then moved onto the Playstation 1 where it saw limited glory. It was not until GTA III came out on the Playstation 2 that Rockstar Studios have established their enterprise.

After GTA III, there was Vice City, and San Andreas. Of course, there were other GTA III spin offs, like Liberty City Stories, but its not the same. Now comes GTA IV, which could be easily the best game ever for either system. Rockstar has outdone itself again.

In the new game, the story is based on Liberty City, which is loosely based on New York City. In fact, go to this link and see how closely the in-game restaurants match the ones in real life New York City:

I’m not going to go through all the reasons why you need to play GTA IV, the screenshots for all the gaming sites explain it themselves. All you need to know is that the interaction in the game is simply stunning, the graphics are killer, and the multi-player rocks. There is a reason why gave GTA IV a 10/10 rating.

If you got a chance, rent this game or buy it. If you are a STD, then perhaps you will get a ripped copy of the game and play it on your modded Xbox 360. Now that is a good WTF.

Great easter egg found:

A heart inside the Statue of Liberty, literally!

[MMM] Money Making Mondays- Issue 3

Welcome the the Third Issue of MMM or Money Making Mondays! This is were I show everyone how to make money off of the FREEBIE Sites, among other things!

For MMM, I will try to scope out and find all the FREEBIE sites that are giving away the best stuff around!

Now I know most of you will think that this is just another way for me to get referrals for my own Freebie accounts but I am really not. I am trying to spread my knowledge to others so that they themselves can get stuff for free! If you want to get me referrals, that is Great but if you don’t that’s Fine to!

LAST WEEK’S SITE WAS: (Rating 9/10)

So, for my Third Issue of MMM, I’m going to talk about…

Overview: is probably one of the more knoticed freebie sites on The Underground Blog. Thanks to Voltaire, the majority of the Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer seekers have something to look at while they read the long, and popular, post he has here, or even on every page in the blog news section to the right —–>.

How do you make money?:

This site if offer based. It has a small referral set up but for the most part, you are on your own. You do offers from a long list, each with its own point value assigned to it for its compleation. Once you have collected enough points, you are able to choose from their prize guide or custom order an item if it is not on the prize guide.

How do I cash out?:

Cashing out is done through their “Availabe Prizes” section. They have a long list of available prizes to choose from. You can also custom order items through a support ticket system. All custom and regular prizes are fulfilled from That means that you can custom order anything on but if doesn’t have it, they probably can’t help you on that perticular item. I have personally used this site and cashed out on it with no problems. I received the prize within about a week of ordering it.

Overall Rating of Site:

This is a hard site to rate. Although it is very easy to get points, a lot of the offers mess up and don’t give credit because of cookie problems. The referral program only gives 20% of the referrals points to your account but it is an understandable amount none-the-less. I will give this site an 8/10. I can think of easier sites to get free stuff on but this one stands out with its vast selection of no-credit card-required offers. It may take longer to get the item but it can be worth the time and effort in the end!

Helpful Tips to this site:

When using this site you will have to do some work with the cookies on your computer to make sure that you will get credit for the offers on the site. For a good checklist of things to do, go to the Prize Rebel FAQ then look in the “How can I increase my chance of getting credited?” section.

In the words of our very own Versatile1, If you didn’t think there would be a MMM Issue today, “You have no faith. Thank you.”- Source

Thank you for reading the Third Issue of MMM!

Next Week I will have another site for all you try out if you choose to do so!


My refferal link for this site (for those who want to help me out):

[MMM] Money Making Mondays- Issue 2


Welcome the the Second issue of MMM or Money Making Mondays! This is were I show everyone how to make money off of the FREEBIE Sites!

For MMM, I will try to scope out and find all the FREEBIE sites that are giving away the best stuff around!

Now I know most of you will think that this is just another way for me to get referrals for my own Freebie accounts but I am really not. I am trying to spread my knowledge to others so that they themselves can get stuff for free! If you want to get me referrals, that is Great but if don’t that’s Fine to!

LAST WEEK’S SITE WAS: (Rating 8/10)

     I added a proof picture to Issue 1 of MMM, for those who wanted to see it.

So, for my Second Issue of MMM, I’m actually going to switch it up and talk about…

Overview: sounds like a freebie site but it is actually a Support Site created by People who are trying to help everyone get the referrals they need on almost ANY freebie site. They offer:


-More things can be found on the Resources List

How do you make money?:

     Use all the tools they provide on the site to help you with almost ANY Freebie Site. does not actually give out freebies for referrals but helps you trade referrals with others, among other things.

How do I cash out?:

     No cashing out is done on but once you receive enough referrals on another site, using this site, your friends, and other method of gathering referrals, you can cash out on there.

Overall Rating of Site:

     I give this site a…. 9/10. It is PURE GOLD when it comes to its Guides, FAQ’s and other tools BUT the Referral Trading can get very costly if you are doing Referral 4 Cash Trades (the majority of people). There are probably much cheaper ways of getting referrals but they would be much slower than this site. So overall, this site is an Excellent source of help for other freebie sites but the costs can get a little high in the Referral Trading.

Helpful Tips to this site:

     Stick to the Referral 4 Referral Trades if you can. Always try to trade with a member who has a high “TR”. “TR” is the feedback system they have at and the higher the “TR” the better the trader.

Thank you for reading the Second Issue of MMM!

Next Week I will have another site for all you try out if you choose to do so!


More Free Stuff – 80GB PS3

[EDIT] Yes the rumors are true. Because of Versatile1’s lack of the ability to help me, I am offering $25 to those to sign up with the referral link. You MUST contact me BEFORE completing an offer or your offer will just count as a nice donation to me for all my services and support on this site… lol. But anyway, if you are interested you can contact me at: Please note, commenting does NOT count as contacting me. You MUST do it through email.

There is a limited supply of 5 Referrals, they wont go very fast but when they are gone, they are gone for good.

Thanks for looking everyone! [End EDIT]


Everyone likes free stuff here on The Underground! Here is just another FREE thing you can get with a little work and credit card (but no money).


Get one of the best system for FREE from YourPS34free!

What do I have to do to get it?

  • Well, you go to the link below,
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What offers are good to do?

  • – Something you already might get without even knowing about this
  • – BEST CHOICE – Just sign up, get credit, then CANCEL before the 30 day trail ends! – $0

What should I do about the referals?

  • Post your link somewhere
    • EBAY!!!! – Used by so many people and costs for listing can be worth all the referals you get.
    • Only where it really seems apropiate – Don’t spam your link, people hate that.
  • Ask some friends then treat them to something when you get your FREE PS3!
  • Use – See my post on it (link soon)

How do I start?

 What are you waiting for? Sign up and get a FREE PS3!!!

Need a different system for FREE? Request it in the Comments!

~Musicmasteria Black Friday Madness.


(click for enlarged image)

As if couldn’t get any better, they’ve finally put down a wicked competition in the Black Friday madness this year.

They have a unique system where you, the consumer vote on what incredible deals you’ll get. There are 8 rounds, each of 3 items under a specific category. For example, the first round consists of the Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3 (40 GB model) and the new Xbox 360 Arcade system that is replacing the Core system. Each are sold at incredibly lower prices (over 50%!) but you’re only able to get that deal on the one you vote for, if you show up at a specified time and are offered that deal.

You can vote once in each round, careful though, you can’t change your vote. You have to be a registered user but it’s free and you only need your basic information until you buy the product. I would recommend setting up your account for one-click buying however as these deals are highly limited to about an average of 500-1,000 pieces of inventory per item.

Head over to this url to get started: [ ]

Happy shopping viewers of The Underground!