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[How To] Shrink Xbox 1 Games to Fit onto 1 DVD



6-19-09:  Updated game link so you know how to shrink Xbox 1 games.

The way Xbox games are burnt is totally different than from the way PS2 games are made. Yes, the Xbox games are using DVD9, but they have two layers to them:  a video layer and a data layer.

The experienced Xbox modder may come across a situation where he/she will want to backup a game, and suddenly finds out that the Xbox ISO file is larger than a single layer DVD!  In these cases, what do you do?

I found a great website where it a large list of games that tell you what files are safe to delete before you can make your own Xbox ISO game.  By doing so, you are saving space, and now you can turn your 5.9Gig ISO file into a 4.23Gig ISO file.

Awesome, right?  Check it out at this link.

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