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Back To The Future – Issue 2

Back To The Future

Back To The Future

Hey guys. As a dedicated authors to this blog, we are very keen that
we try to keep new material posted each and every day. Unfortunately,
it appears that GN was unable to make it in time for his scheduled date. Again.

When you see this picture, that means someone has dropped the
ball. Please leave a comment for them the proceeding week to give them
motivation to not see any more of these “Back to the Future” threads.
Thank you.

Newbies guide to XBOXHDM

Is your XBOX modded via modchip or softmod?  You can install a larger hard drive into your XBOX easily once it is modded.  Today I wanted to show off a neat tutorial that I found called XBOXHDM.  This program lets you format your hard drive such that you can use the extra space in your F and G drive.  Please note the limitations of the Xbox.  People claim that they can use 750GB hard drives.  Right now I am using a 320GB hard drive, but I could easily use a 500GB if I wanted to.

Read the tutorial below at the source, and if there are any questions, leave a comment as I have done this many times already.  Source at bottom of page.