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Xmas – Thinking Ahead and Buying Moddable Electronics

With Christmas almost here, I thought I would share  short story with you guys and how this spawned an idea for this article.

Last week at the office, I had an Xmas party and during lunch I had heard one of my fellow co-workers talking about how she spent all this money over the past weekend for gifts for her 9 and 12 year old sons.  Among the gifts included a Nintendo DS Lite and the Sony PSP Go.

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December 20th Update – Underground News

Hey guys, I wanted to give a quick update on whats new so far with the blog, and what will happen between now and the new year.

First item – I got rid of the VersatileNinja youtube account. If you want to see the new youtube account, you can go to

I am in the process of uploading new and old videos, and during this process I have learnt that its hard to start over again, but in a way it has given me newfound freedom to redo tutorials to make them better and even clearer so all is not lost.

The big problem is I don’t have the best upload speed in the world, so expect videos to be slowly migrated over the course of the next few days, weeks, and months. The new account will be hipper, edgier, and more provocative. 🙂

Second item – Today I received an email from Dropbox that my public links has been suspended. Damn, I guess hosting all the patches on there for MW2, L4D 2, and Killing Floor was not a good idea after all. >_> Eventually, I will get around to uploading these patches to another file hosting site. So if you are looking for a specific link, it will be down for the time being until I fix it (probably later tonight).

Third item – I have 10 Blackcat invites that I think I have to spend between now and the end of the month. Blackcats is a private game torrent site, and it is a great community. The problem is it is invite only, with the notion that the people that are invited are trusted people, and not random strangers (*cough* undercover agents *cough*).

With that said, if you think you deserve a blackcat invite, please send me an e-mail at versatileninja [at] and we can discuss further. If you are a tunngle gamer, even better as you will get higher priority. If not, tell me about your history, and maybe we can share IM contacts and discuss further.

Fourth item – Underground newsletter will be worked on sometime after the holidays between myself and Voltaire. If you are not on it, please subscribe.

Fifth item – I am officially on holidays starting on 12/23/09 and I will not be at work until January 4th, 2010. During this time, I will be relaxing and visiting family and other events. I expect to work on the 4th and 5th chapter of the Underground Book and finish it off (at least my part). We shall see after the holidays what will happen next.

Very unlikely I will be playing games during the holidays, or making any new video tutorials. I will continue posting here as usual so all will be good.

Sixth item – I went out today to a local Blockbuster movie store that was closing down, and I ended up buying a copy of Watchmen DVD. Preview price was $14.99, but with 67% off it was $5.23 with tax. I have an interesting story about this experience, and it will show up in an STD article for sure. It will be a good read.

Seventh item – Xmas is almost here, and sometime this week (perhaps Monday), I will have a special post for those tech savvy parents/shoppers out there who should think twice about buying electronic game consoles or gadgets until you hear about my provocative advice. I can’t wait to write it, its definitely unconventional thinking.

This is all I got. If you are an underground blog author, please write in the comment what your activities are as I know time to time people want to know if you are still alive or not. Thanks! – Versatile

Happy Holidays!

[Update added by V1 at end of post]
On behalf of Versatile1 and the other Underground writers, I/We wish all our readers a very happy holidays! Enjoy the New Year!
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy(?) Kwanzaa!
And Have a Happy New Year!

The Underground Staff

First of all guys, Voltaire has notified me that for December, we have broken 100k views already. This is the first time for us so far since our start in April of 07. Once again, thanks to everyone who continues to visit this blog for your underground material. Please note that no where on this blog do we ask for donations or ad clicks or whatever.

Sure, there is this “prize rebel” thing, but that is Voltaire’s creation, not mine. 🙂 Do with it as you wish. I got rid of the longer banner thing because I was just sick looking at it day after day.

Now I hope everyone had fun during this holiday season. I know I sure did. Playing Resistance 2, Dead Space, Left 4 Dead, Far Cry 2and CoD 5 has consumed my time as I try to blast my way through them. ;p

Also, our V2 activity is really lacking, and I totally understand that. Right now I am contemplating how I should proceed with it, as definitely the heart of our viewers are with this blog time after time again.

Now onto the fun part:


I am going to start a new series with random posting dates on a new subject topic that relates to the underground. Part of it deals with my own lessons learned in life, as well as models learned from others. This particular series can’t really die I suppose, as there is so much material on it that I could easily write about it month after month.

The new series is going to be kept under wraps for now. I’m going to make a small banner for it, and maybe a personalized sig for my forum adventures? I’ll see. Geez, just thinking about it gives me goosebumps! Muahaha. I hope to have the first post of these series up within next couple days. Keep your fingers crossed!