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Wow, I Love Scrub Daddy!

9-5-14: Initial release.

So recently I have been watching old episodes of Shark Tank on youtube, where basically people (like you and me) pitch ideas to a panel of “Sharks” who then will decide if they will invest into that particular entrepreneur business idea or not.

From Shark Tank, I watched Scrub Daddy and I was intrigued. I got mine from Walmart today, and I love it!

Basically, its a sponge that is shaped as a face. When you put it into cold water, it turns into a hard scrub, but when you put it into warm water, it turns into a regular sponge! I love it, and it has no odors, it drys fast, and it doesn’t scratch hardware!

See the youtube video below for a quick overview. Most of the time I am skeptical of products I watch on TV, but man…I love Scrub Daddy! I am getting rid of all the old nasty sponges in my house and replace it with Scrub Daddy. It is not a gimmick. I have one myself and I confirm it is fuckin’ bad ass.

XBMC – Raspberry Pi – Working Youtube Plugin!

12/13/13: Initial release.

I am a long time fan of using XBMC on my Raspberry Pi. There is something very satisfying about watching Youtube on my TV on a mini PC that takes less than $3 of power a year.

However, sometimes when you are using the youtube plugin app inside XBMC, you may get an issue about an error and the video fails to play. This is so annoying. I spent hours of research and figured out how to get the youtube plugin to work flawlessly on both the raspbmc and also openelec. See below for more details:
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The Life of a Youtube Creator – Versatile’s Story

Main page of

8-10-13: Initial release.

I’ve been a Youtube creator since the 2009, and from 2009 to 2013 present day, I’ve been part of 4 Youtube channels: VersatileNinja, GameDexterity, vstPower, and now MoNeYinPHX.

I will spare you the reasons and history of why I have jumped from one Youtube account to another, but what I can tell you is that during these last 4 years, I have seen a lot of interesting things on Youtube.  I’ve probably answered thousands of comments, and made over 1,000 Youtube videos on all kinds of subjects:

  • Modding Tutorials
  • PC Tech Tutorials
  • Life Tutorials
  • LAN Tutorials
  • and more

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2013 Youtube News – Versatile Moving from vstPower to MoNeYinPHX

1-12-13: Initial release.

I know a lot of people don’t like to read, so I’ll keep this “short”. The last few weeks I’ve tasked vstPower team member MoNeYinPHX to scout out partnership opportunities for vstPower. Coincidentally, within the last 2 weeks, we must have done something right with our channel, because we got partnership offers from various networks, including, Machinima, Fullscreen, and more.

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Google Chrome Extension – Stop Autoplay for Youtube Videos

2-26-11: Initial release.

So for the longest time, I have been a proud user of the Google Chrome browser. What I like about it is not just the minimalistic interface, the sandbox tabs, or the bookmark sync, but also the plethora of extensions readily available for the browser.

For me, I have a youtube account that requires daily activity to answer various youtube comments. What I hate doing is going to a video page, and have to manually click the play button to stop the video from playing. Isn’t there an easier process?

In fact, there is. There is a Chrome extension called “Stop Autoplay For Youtube”, and it does what it says. When you visit any youtube video, the video does not instantly play out loud, it is paused and buffering in the background.

For me where all I want to do is answer a quick comment, this works very well into my workflow.

Go to the link below to check out the sweet extension!

Stop Autoplay for Youtube Extension

Making Tutorials – It Really Is An Art Form

2-19-11: Initial release.

Finally, this is the time I get to write an article about life and not something tangible like a game or a movie.

So ever since I started the blog back in September 2006, and many years later when I started my Youtube adventure in 2008, I realized that a lot of what I do is about helping people and more specifically, creating content related about tutorials.

As I reflect on what I have done so far, why do I do what I do? Why do I continue to spend time on working on tutorials to share on the Internet, an activity that can easily take more time than focusing on friends, family, work, or myself?  Why spend the time to do it with possibly very little return on “investment”?  Well, the answer may surprise you.

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Paying Respect To A Hacked Youtube Channel – SLRevolved

1-26-11: Initial release.

For those that do not follow my youtube channel GameDexterity, this past weekend was by far the most messed up weekend I have ever seen in my life.

Here is quick history of events:
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Claim Your Comment – A Radical New Concept Show

10-25-10: Initial release.

Hey guys, so here is a quick update as to what I have been doing recently. About two weeks ago I was talking to a new friend on Skype from the Netherlands that is a follower of GameDexterity.  Actually, he was even a follower of my old Youtube account VersatileNinja before I discontinued it.


Anyway, during our Skype conversations we were sharing stories of what it felt like to be uploading videos to Youtube, and somehow we came across the discussion of cringing whenever we see a “dumb” comment posted on a video.

After talking about it for quite a bit, we thought how funny and fun it would be to create a show where we look at comments from our videos and tear them apart?

It sounds like a ridiculous idea, but I created a teaser intro. No one knew  what the show was going to be about.  The next day I released episode one, and from what I can tell, everyone loved it!  I have gotten so many messages telling me they were laughing their ass off and they can’t wait for the second episode.

This last weekend we released the second episode, and we got another great turnout.  One person had asked if we would consider tearing apart other comments that we see from other people’s youtube videos, and I said I would think about it.

Now last night I thought about it further and decided it was a great idea!  In fact, I loved it so much that I created this new google docs form where people can submit comments they found on Youtube in hopes of us reviewing it in a future episode.  I think if enough viewers catch on, I might be able to start up a “Claim Your Comment” movement?  I was even toying about the idea of creating a video that people can host on their own channels to educate others about the “Claim Your Comment” philosophy.

Man, I am drooling just thinking about it!

To see the Claim Your Comments playlist, go here and take a look at what I have been up to!

March Wallpaper Voting


3-20-10: Initial release.

3-21-10: Added “Submit” picture.

The submissions are in. Let’s get voting!

Deadline: Poll will end next Wednesday, the 24th, midnight (GMT -5).

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Underground Wallpaper Youtube Experiment – March Edition





3-13-10: Initial Edition.

Comments on last month’s contest:

Last months contest was not bad at all. We had seven contestants! Thanks to Sarge198 for winning!


For a certain time period, users are to submit their best wallpaper. Once all wallpaper submissions are received, a poll is created and the community votes for the best one.

The wallpaper with the most votes gets to be featured in the next Youtube video.


If you are the winner, you get personal satisfaction that your wallpaper is featured in not only a video, but also in a follow-up article.  If you have a website, Versatile will promote that too as part of the winning spree.

Contest Rules:

1) Users are to leave a comment to this blog article with a link to a wallpaper. Wallpaper preferred resolution is 1280×720. Please get me a link to the closest resoultion as possible.

2) Images are not to be pornographic. Please use discretion. Your video will be observed by kids, teenagers, parents, adults, young, old, male and female.

3) Only one image submitted per unique commenter user name.   Therefore, pick your BEST and FAVORITE wallpaper choice.  If you can’t make up your mind, list all your wallpapers and I will PICK one wallpaper that I like and put it into the poll.

3)  The contest will run for 5 days. This contents ends at midnight on the date specified at the top of this article.

4)  After contest is over, I will run a poll for all submitted images. Poll will run the following week, to end at my discretion at midnight ofthe day of my choosing (GMT -6).  See top of article for deadlines.

Why do this contest?

  1. It’s fun.
  2. Brings community involvement. Anybody can participate.
  3. The winner will have the joy of seeing THEIR submitted wallpaper featured in a video. Is that not cool?
  4. I love bringing joy to people. The video helps the general youtube audience, and the wallpaper is just an indirect way of me saying Thank You for all the readers of this blog.

Extra Notes:

Oh so often we get so stuck in a daily rut in our lives, and hardly have the time to live a little. Want to break the mold? Then play the contest game! If the participation is even poorer for March, April I will make a dedicated Youtube video and see if this will be a game changer or not.

Do you like this idea? Think the rules needs to be changed a little? Let me know! Time is wasting! Let’s see those wallpapers!