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How Does It Feel To Be Cloned, Or Copied? Well, It Sucks!

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Ground Breaking Update (2/6/10): Asphaltclips Youtube account was deleted within 2 hours of me sending a personal Youtube message.

(2/7/10):  Sometime between 10:30am and 1:00pm GMT -6, both clone wordpress accounts have been deleted.  See the proof  here and here.

Added new Youtube Video to help put a nail in the coffin. If you are VersatileTaco (and team), you do not want to skip this video. You will enjoy it, guaranteed. – Versatile

It turns out that VersatileTaco is alive. He rejected my Tunngle friend request!

2-9-10:  Youtubers speak out! See one person’s take on cloners.

2-6-10: Initial release. I am still in disbelief. Expect more to follow.
2-7-10: The Underground has won. Thanks to all. The clone blog and youtube accounts have been deleted. Power comes in numbers.

I am so pissed today that words cannot express clearly enough how I feel.  Zax from Tunngle sent me a PM today telling me to check out this Versatile “clone” he found on the Internet.  I took a look around, and I am still in utter disbelief.  If you got, you will notice that the website is very similar to ours!!!! In fact, the way he did the format and everything is an exact clone of The Underground.

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February’s Youtube Wallpaper Roundup – Please Vote!

For the month of February, we have 6 wallpapers duking it out to be part of the next Youtube video tutorial. Who will win? It will depend on the community. The poll ends midnight February 9th. Make sure you vote for your favorite one!

Wallpaper Contestants:

1) Versatile’s Submission:

2) Ice’s Submission:

3) Seb’s Submission:

4) Denton’s Submission:

5) Inspector71 Submission:

6) Sarge198’s Submission:

Now vote!!!! See the weekly poll!

Youtube January Wallpaper Contest Voting!


1-9-10: Initial release.

Last week I did a contest. You can read about it here.  There are the submitted results:



Wow, its a 50/50 chance of winning! Please fill out the poll in the side bar. It will last for one week. I have disabled results so people cannot look at the results to influence the poll. Good luck!

Underground Wallpaper Youtube Experiment – January Edition





1-4-09: Initial Edition.

I just thought of this idea today as I was eating dinner and chatting with my youtube partner over MSN (funny how the best ideas come out of IM chatting). Anyway, we were talking about videos and ideas and I just came up with an idea so great I just had to write about it.

So if you haven’t known, I have a new youtube account, and I am working with a fellow youtube friend who has similar interests as I do. We teamed up, and the new account is gamedexterity. You can see the work I have done on my part here.

In every single video that I do, I always change the wallpaper. Why? I figured a new video needs a new wallpaper to keep things interesting and spice things up. Now sometimes the wallpapers are related to the subject of the video, and sometimes the wallpaper has nothing to do with the video subject material at all.

Most of the time I like to do wallpapers in these categories: gaming, movies, abstract art, vector art, and misc “provocative” wallpapers. I can’t really explain what provocative is, because it will destroy the mystery of my taste. Let’s just say it makes you go “OMG, I can’t believe he has that kind of wallpaper!” 🙂

So with 2010 here, it is natural (just like every year) to start new ideas and trends. I bring to you the new Underground Wallpaper Youtube Experiment.

What is this experiment?

This is how it works, because I love community involvement. The last contest with the Underground banner was a blast, and if this experiment is successful, I will run this contest once a month!

Contest Rules:

1) Users are to leave a comment to this blog article with a link to a wallpaper. Wallpaper preferred resolution is 1280×720. Please get me a link to the closest resoultion as possible.

2) Images are not to be pornographic. Please use discretion. Your video will be observed by kids, teenagers, parents, adults, young, old, male and female.

3) Only one image submitted per unique commenter user name.   Therefore, pick your BEST and FAVORITE wallpaper choice.  If you can’t make up your mind, list all your wallpapers and I will PICK one wallpaper that I like and put it into the poll.

3)  The contest will run for 5 days. This contents ends at midnight on Saturday, January 9th (GMT -6).

4)  After contest is over, I will run a poll for all submitted images. Poll will run the following week, to end at midnight on Friday of that week (GMT -6).

The winning wallpaper will go into my next video.  The wallpaper may be related to the subject theme of the next video, or it may not even relate. This is OK. I am just interested as to how this will turn out.


This wallpaper won the contest:

The video I just happened to be talking about is how to maintain and extend the life of your hard drive. Turtles and hard drives have NOTHING in common, but that is OK.

Why do this contest?

  1. It’s fun.
  2. Brings community involvement. Anybody can participate.
  3. The winner will have the joy of seeing THEIR submitted wallpaper featured in a video. Is that not cool?
  4. I love bringing joy to people. The video helps the general youtube audience, and the wallpaper is just an indirect way of me saying Thank You for all the readers of this blog.

Do you like this idea? Think the rules needs to be changed a little? Let me know! Time is wasting! Let’s see those wallpapers!

[How To] Find Porn on Youtube

Obviously porn is a pretty big industry, and the internet definitely made it bigger. Being able to find free porn is a fundamental skill that everyone has, although the efficiency varies.

Youtube has been a repeated target for those 4chan douchebags, who have been collectively uploading massive amounts of porno as a defiance to Youtube’s tough copyright measure. It goes without saying that the only weapon these virgins have, is porn. They are indeed the most notorious group of assholes on the internet, Rick Astley and that black kid from chocolate rain will agree with me. They are responsible for the countless occurrences of lolcats, pedobear, mudkipz, creating Rick Astley’s career, and ruining that black kid’s life. My favorite is when these trolls went on to Omegle chat and made every reply with the word “egg”. (A lot of Omegle users thought they kept on connecting to the same person).

That being said, Am I a 4chan user? Maybe.

Therefore, as a comic relief, I will show you how to obtain porn from Youtube.

In Youtube’s search bar, type in “Porn”.

Sort the results by “Newest”.

Done, finding free porn has never been easier.

The catch is, those porn sucks, most of them is only several seconds long. So unless a 5 second fapping session is all you need to blow your load, you are not gonna have a satisfactory experience with Youtube porno.

Free Music – What It Is and Where To Get It

Hey everyone.

I decided to write this article in response to a question from a fellow user, “PunditStyle”.

“What is an easy way to find free music online?”

Alright then. This all depends on your version of “free.”

If by free, you mean free to download and use LEGALLY, then you have many different options. First, websites such as, pandora, idobi radio, and others will stream internet radio. You can pick stations based on types of music, bands, songs, and mix and match your favorites. Recently, I used to find new bands to listen to based on some of the ones I’m currently into. is free and doesn’t require a download or an account to use. Pandora requires you to make a free account and there are limitations to how many songs you can skip over. Idobi allows you to download playlists which stream music online. There’s a new playlist every day, so there’s always something to listen to.

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[Time Saver] Efficiency in Answering Online Comments


Are you a wordpress user?  How about a youtube user?  Do you have comments that just keep on piling every day?  How do you answer everyone while still having free time for yourself and not get carried away checking comments all day long?  Easy, setup a schedule to answer all online related comments at the same time daily, once  a day.

Read on to see more.

Boxxy – An Infamous Internet Sensation


A while ago I was reading a random article, and I came across this crazy internet sensation on youtube over an individual who names herself as Boxxy.

I don’t care to understand the entire story behind this sensation, but it is the talk of the 4chan forums and everything related about the internet.

Below is the video that caused people to hate her or love her:

I don’t have the entire background story, but here is an excerpt I pulled from another site:

“At Christmas, the video – by then languishing in YouTube’s vaults – got posted to i-am-bored, and from there hit 4Chan, and in particular the site’s /b/ messageboard… the heartland for many memes (and definitely NSFW). Why? Nobody’s sure. Was Boxxy herself behind it? Or was she simply a vehicle for fans who liked her camgirl approach, apparent ADD and weirdly excitable behaviour?

Over the subsequent days and weeks, Boxxy became a topic of contention on 4Chan – with the site splitting into two groups; those who professed to love Boxxy and all she stood for and those who hated Boxxy and her fans. Every thread threaten to spill over into Boxxy spam or a flamewar, and hundreds of 4channers went hacking Boxxy’s YouTube account and other websites in search of her true identity. So far they don’t seem to have succeeded.

Things really came to a head, though, when Boxxy haters – sick of seeing so much about her on 4Chan – decided to launch a denial of service attack on the website itself, bringing it down for some hours as a protest.

Things haven’t stopped there, though. The YouTube channel Boxxybabee is the site’s most-subscribed to for the month; videos are still being made about how much people hate Boxxy, and her influence continues to spread inexplicably.”

There are two more videos, but if you really want to see them, go on over to Youtube and search for username boxxybabee.  Trust me, you are not missing much for year 2009.  There are more important things to focus on. ;p


[SNL] Jizz in My Pants!

I’m sorry, but this video is frickin hilarious.  I give SNL props on this one.  Check it out below!

Youtube Finally Offering True HD Format

In November 2008, it was announced that YouTube now offers some of its videos in true HD format, with 720 pixels of horizontal resolution. Videos uploaded with 720 pixel resolution can be viewed in this format by adding &fmt=22 to the web address.

Compare it for yourself (put it in fullscreen, you’ll seen the difference much better):




Another HD video: