The Other Underground Blog – Sister Site


2-25-10: Initial release.

The Underground Blog is currently hosted at  Over the course of time, we have to be very careful what we write about because if we violate any portions of the WordPress Terms of Service agreement, we will be suspended or even worse shut down.

In order to combat this, we run another blog. It doesn’t have that many articles, but that is OK.  When I have an idea that is questionable and I don’t want to risk it, I write it at the other blog.

We call the sister blog as “TUG” or “The Underground”.  If you are a pervert, you might think TUG is something else lol. Check it out and see for yourself what you have been missing.

–>TUG Blog<–

  1. I don`t know how to log on in online servers

  2. thelasteuphonium

    Is the site down now?

  3. Honestly…This girl is hot ! 😀

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