[How To] play Videos, movies and Mp3s off USB on PS2 using SMS DIVx media player.

Foreword: I was chatting with versatile1, the day before I started this tutorial and he spurred up this amazing thought of ‘PS2s being preferred over DIVx players’. Do you know that the PS2 costs $99, and do you also know that the DIVx players cost like about 40 – 50 Dollars ??.. So, the difference is just $50 of cash. But, the PS2, unlike any DIVx player, is a gaming console and the list of games might arguably exceed the 2,500 mark. And by buying a copy of Swap Magic, we could play backed up PS2 games.  Bottom line ~~> That extra $50, was definitely worth it !!

Revisions: [12-23-09] Initial release.

[12-27-09] Added Versatile1’s ‘Free McBoot’ Video Tutorial.

[12-30-09] Added Versatile1’s SMS video Tutorial.

[1-25-2010] Added links to the latest version of ULE and added Versatile1’s DVD decrypter tutorial.

2-10-14: Fixed video link.


The PS2, being a legendary console, never lets you down when it comes to surprises. And the Simple Media System (SMS) is one such surprise.
The SMS media player is a PS2 application, which lets you play DIVx media files on the PS2. The SMS media player is equivalent, or maybe even superior to any ordinary DIVx player.

NOTE:  The supported media formats are AVI, DIVx, Xvid, mpeg1, mpeg2, ogg, mp3, ac3, srt (subtitles), wma, asf and pcm.

Here are some Pros and Cons of SMS.


  • Runs real smooth, despite the fact that the ps2 has a USB 1.1 port
  • USB plug and play.
  • Its real easy to continue the playback of a video, or to go to a specific scene.
  • It supports the 2nd USB port of the ps2.


  • The .mp4 file format is not compatible. And the .avi files, from portable devices such as a camera, have a low possibility of working on SMS. The only solution to this problem is to convert the video file to a normal DIVx Avi.
  • The .srt file (subtitle file), might give you problems where the SMS crashes. It just means that the .srt file did not match with the video file in terms of length. This situation could be solved by just deleting the .srt file or by replacing the file with a better .srt file.

The tutorial:

There are two methods to launch SMS.

1) The ULaunchELF method.
2) The Free McBoot method.

NOTE: Users who wish to follow the Free McBoot method, can skip Section 1 and start at Section 2.


Method 1: The ULaunchELF

What you need is...

1) A PS2, slim or fat.

2) Mod chip or swap magic.

3) USB flash drive or a USB external HD.

4) SMS media player. Click here to download ‘SMS_Version_2.9_R4.rar.’

5) The ULaunchELF CD. Click here to download the CD version of ULaunchELF.

Watch Versatile1’s DVD Decrypter video tutorial, if you had doubts burning the ULaunchELF CD.

This is what you do…

  • Extract the ‘SMS_Version_2.9_R4.rar’.

You would get the file ‘SMS Version 2.9 (Rev.4).elf’.

  • Format your USB media to Fat32.
  • Copy the ‘SMS Version 2.9 (Rev.4)(T).elf’ file to your USB media.
  • Copy and paste all the Videos and mp3 files to your USB media.

Now you are ready to launch SMS.

  • Connect the USB media to the PS2 USB port.
  • Boot the ULaunchELF CD on your PS2, using modchip or swap magic.

You would get a screen which would look like this…

The ULaunchELF Browser controls:
Up and down to navigate through files or directories.
O = Select file or directory.
Triangle = Browse back or exit menu.

  • Now, Press the ‘O’ button to enter ‘FileBrowser‘.
  • Go to ‘mass’ and then press the ‘O’ button to select it.

You would be able to see the files you stored on the USB media.

  • Go to ‘SMS Version 2.9 (Rev.4).elf’ and press the ‘O’ button.

SMS would now load and launch…

NOTE: If you guys were following the ULaunchELF method, then you can skip Section 2 and head straight to Section 3 !!


Method 2: Free McBoot

You would need…

1) A PS2, slim or fat.

2) USB flash drive or a USB external HD.

3) A Free McBoot exploited memory card, which has SMS installed in it.

How to install Free McBoot on your memory card ?…Watch Versatile1’s ‘How To Install Free McBoot’ Video tutorial.

This is what you do…

  • Format your USB media to Fat32.
  • Copy and paste all the Videos and mp3 files to you USB media.
  • Connect the USB media to the PS2 USB port.
  • Launch Free McBoot on your PS2.
  • Launch Simple Media System (SMS), from the Free McBoot menu.

SMS should load…


Tuning the SMS Browser:

SMS browser controls:
Left, right = switch between available medias.
Up, Down = Navigation.
X = Select or play files.
Triangle = back.
Start = SMS menu.

Before playing files from our USB media, we need to tune the SMS setting. And this is how you do it.

  • Press the start button.

The SMS menu would show up…

  • Go to ‘device settings’.
  • Enable the ‘Auto Start USB’ option, by pressing the ‘X’ button.

If this option is enabled, the next time you start SMS, the USB media would show up on the screen automatically.

  • Then, enable the ‘Disable CD/DVD’ option.

When enabled, The Disc will stop spinning, the next time you launch SMS, hence saves your lens.

  • Get back to the SMS menu by pressing ‘triangle’, and enter ’Browser settings’… And Enable the ‘Filter Media Files’ option.

Now, the SMS would show just the supported media files and will hide the rest of the files on your USB media.

  • Once again, go back to the SMS menu. Save the settings by selecting the ‘Save Settings’ option.

All the changes, which were made, are now saved on the memory card.

  • Now, Go to ‘Device settings’, and then select the ‘Start USB support’ option.

Now your USB media would load up…


Playing a video:

It’s finally time to relax and watch a good movie. Go to any video file, and press ‘X’ to start playing it… While you play a file, the options you have are amazing !!!

Playback Options:

1) The Select button shows you the Progress bar.

Use LEFT/RIGHT to navigate the progress bar, and select the required point of time of the video.
This feature is far more effective than forwarding or rewinding a video.

2) The Start button pops up the Player Menu.

3) Up, down button controls the volumes.

4) Left, right = rewinding and forwarding.

5) The triangle button stops the video.

That’s about it. If you have any doubts, you could always leave a comment. -ICE.

Video Tutorial:

‘[How To] Play DivX (AVI) Files On Playstation 2 Off USB (or Disc) Using SMS Player’ by Versatile1.

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  1. I just tried it tonight, and it works! Video tutorial to come very soon.

  2. Question. What about audio? I mean, most if not all of my avis have ac3 5.1 audio. Can this player output 5.1 Dolby digital? (Obviously having the PS2 connected through digital output to my receiver)

  3. tell me how to play mpeg1 discs on ps2 via sms media player

  4. is there a way to play mpeg1 or mpeg2 discs on ps2

  5. do i have to burn d ulanchelf iso file??

  6. i burnt d iso but the cd doesnt boot??

  7. after booting ulaunch elf..how to go to sms player settings i am not getting it….screen is showing after selecting smsplayer file on usb as
    and remote stops functioning too.

    Please reply

  8. wow !! Thanks you’re a life saver. Now my siblings can watch movies without coming to bug me for my laptop till I havve enough money to buy laptops for all of them. I just download the movies and they watch it on the ps2.

  9. it should be in cd or dvd

  10. can i use burned or downloaded dvd?

  11. working 100% fine thanxxxxxxxxxxx………

  12. how can i extract???pls help…it is showing that ulaunchelf is corrupted….can any1 help plsss

  13. Wow, thanks alot dude, asante sana. It works…can i use a remote instead of the controller?

  14. Wow what a nice experiece

  15. i got a modified ps2,that is,i can play game which i burned on nero..but do i play movies from my usb???plzz helpp!!!

  16. How can i get ps2 free mcboot complet file pal or Nstc

  17. Is there any way to turn a bad .srt file into a good one?
    I’ve tried do modify the length in the notepad but no luck so far…

  18. its very good and straight forward thanks

  19. I had tried all the above to my frustration on a ps2 9xxxxx series slim and it was a nightmare! Now that I was able to get a Ps2 fat. I’m willing to give this whole process another go. So can you help me out.? A video tutorial that makes the whole process nice to follow, not confusing and that explains what we are modding in the Ps2 so the next steps make sense. Thank you for being so patient with this whole thing man!

  20. i need to knw how to plays ps2 fat games 4rm a usb stick…step by step…also how to install it in usb stick

  21. you are amazing ,you know i really used your help to install fmcb on my memory card and playing games over lan for about a year now.
    but now i need your help again ,i have hd movies and when i try to play any of them the SMS display this message ” video resolution is too big ” so i really wonder which resolution should i try with SMS , thanks again for everything you’ve helped us with man .

  22. I need someone to help me with my ps2 puzzle….I dont know how a modded Ps2 looks like but when i checked the back of my ps2 It looked like ps2 had mod chip install but I dont know if it is really a modchip or something else

  23. Thanks a lot buddy!!
    Sincere thanks. You were a Great! help =D

  24. what is modchip or swap magic ?

    • Both are used to play modded games. Modchip is soldered or put into the PS2. Swap Magic is a special boot disc you have to buy, see my ps2 videos at youtube.com/moneyinphx to learn more.

  25. Can we play games and listen the music at the same time .

  26. I have a modchip installed on my ps2 sch-900004.Can i use uLaunchELF burnt on a CD-R and boot it?

  27. George Stoianov

    I want to ask you about my problem! My model PS2 slim is SCPH 70004 i have FMCB ULaucnchELF, SMS, ESR…etc. my console can not boot when i am starting it with the flash drive (black screen) But when i am in the SMS i and than plug in the FLASH drive it’s detecting it but can not see anything WHY?!? I fowolled so many instructions in the Internet that i am sure that there isn’t anything wrong but it is wrong! So can you help me about this thing and tell me more about Swap Magic, or something.. 😦 ?

    • Swap magic is a boot disk that you must buy. I bought it from estarland.com back in 2007. Great disk to have, and a tool so you can create FMCB anytime that you want.

      How did you get your FMCB made?

  28. Pls this procedure didnt work on my ps2 fat. It doesnt show videos instead it just plays videos as audio alone pls help

  29. George Stoianov

    I changed my USB flash memory and it works, my FMCB is working perfectly.. i guess, but my memory card maybe isn’t good enough..with the other flash everything is good but i still don’t know what i need for playing games from USB. it is playing Videos and Music without any problems but how to burn games on the stick and select to play them? Can you tell me the steps how to burn them and with what program or something like that?!?

  30. Works like a charm on my friend’s fat ps2 with modchip. Thanks!

  31. Bro….when i click to watch the video in section 1…it says”the account for this video has been terminated….Help me how to burn Ulaunch…???..

  32. which Ulaunchelf should i burn ???? .iso .cue or .bin ?????

  33. since i used sms, its gonna paly only dvd quality Xvids, 480p, 570p, only

    videos CD:


    Simple Media System (SMS)

  34. Im Stuck at “Detecting file format”.
    Why wont my movie it load?
    its an avi and i also tried playing mp4 movies too.

  35. thank u so much very much its realy working thank u so much

  36. thanx it worke well

  37. i had extracted the sms player but it is not working

  38. Does it support all types of movies

  39. Hi there ! i have a little problem. When I want to watch a film on ps2 ( with the Free macboot porgrame with the simple media system ), it’s always good in the begining, but after a few minutes it getting stuck and everything getting ”freeze”.. Do you have any ideas of this problem?

    • Is this avi or mp4? It could be related to the type of file and how it is encoded. But then again..the PS2 is not a powerful media player for movies, so it may depend on the resolution too.

  40. dude u r a freaking genius…..thanxs very much

  41. You’re just about the best out there dawg. But I brought u like the most idiotic question tonight. I know I have that sms file on my card (about 8kb) right? But as soon as I switch my console it directly loads up opl loader not giving me so much chance to break into the sms screen. Is there a way to do?! Thanks alot already.

  42. yes.its working!thanks a lot!!!

  43. Couldn’t play hd movies, stuck at detecting.,.

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