Left 4 Dead 2 Server Launcher


If  you’ve already read Versatile’s Tutorial on [How To] Play Left 4 Dead 2 LAN Online Using Tunngle (Garena, or Hamachi) (btw awesome post) and you already have due to it being the top post.  I bet your right now searching for a quicker way of launching your multiplayer game instead of typing “map whatyouwant” in the console

“The Left 4 Dead 2 Server launcher is your answer”


Well the Left 4 Dead 2 Launcher is a program written C++  “yawn”  I’ll skip the technical.  What the software does basically, is that it creates your online or lan game before you even think about the console. (Yes it also does work for those who bought it)


As you can see from the image above,  it has the same interface as  Steam (nice touch). Down below in the left hand corner is an option where you can select what character you want to play.  Sorry only the server hoster can choose who wants to be. There is also a password option for those want to host private  games. Another benefit of this is that you can host your game on a selected port. Good for running games on special routers.

For those with Non-Legit Versions

Now before you go ahead and scroll down to the download link, I reccomend you download the Revolution-Emulator rev-emu for short (download link below) Once it’s done click on it and instead of installing it in your Left 4 Dead 2 root directory ie C:\Program Files\Left 4 Dead 2 where it says,  just install it into a folder somewhere like the desktop. Once it’s done go into the bin folder and copy the “config” folder and paste it into your \Left 4 Dead 2\Bin\ folder. Once done open Config folder right click the MasterServers.vdf file and click properties and make it read only. This will make the Server apear on the Steam Group Server option in Game, instead of you going to the Left 4 Dead 2 Server Launcher and typing the hosts ip. To install the launcher extract the archive copy the file to your install directory, create a shortcut and enjoy.

*Note if your running rev-emu “MasterServers.vdf” ignore the above paragraph!

For those with Legit Versions

Simply extract files from the archive and copy to your install directory for the game (install directory, root directory same thing) create a shortcut and enjoy.

Thanks, goes to Nick and Versatile for reminding me.


Left 4 Dead 2 Server Launcher

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  1. Is it just me, or is the server launcher archive corrupt? Tried downloading it twice with the same results. This sounds awesome though, can’t wait to try it out

  2. Sorry haven’t been on in a while. To extract the launcher use 7 – Zip

  3. Ah that damn 7zip snuck up on me. Haha works fine. Thanks bro!

  4. I’m having the same problem as Sneakily1, corrupt archive.

    ! C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\left4dead2_launcher_1.19 (1).zip: Unknown method in left4dead2_launcher.exe
    ! C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\left4dead2_launcher_1.19 (1).zip: Unknown method in left4dead2_launcher.ini
    ! C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\left4dead2_launcher_1.19 (1).zip: Unknown method in left4dead2_launcher.maps
    ! C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\left4dead2_launcher_1.19 (1).zip: No files to extract

  5. brutali can you tell how to join??? i have 2 pcs at home and when i start a server, then i try to join from the other pc by entering the ip : (the host-pc’s ip). Well nothing happens xD

  6. sup guys anybody hosting versus

  7. bundkaa88 add pls i play lef 4 dead 2 freind play

  8. i got error when i start ( steam is not running ) plz fix this

  9. Can someone help me please?
    After I installed this launcher and the software, my game does not work anymore, when I run it, it says Engine error, steam is not running, someone may help?

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