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It seems that every time I turn on the news, there is a news story about someone getting hurt.  Maybe this involves a family getting robbed, a student being raped, or a hurricane destorying homes.

Whatever the case maybe, you would think the world is a harsh place to live in and that people by nature are selfish human beings.  Last night I watched the news, and there was a news story how a realtor was showing a client a prospective foreclosure home, and when they opened the front door, there were two burglars stripping copper out of the walls!  Yes, they were trying to steal the copper to make some fast cash. The ironic part?  The burglars asked the realtor for the keys so they can come back later!

*face palms*  So where am I going with this?  Is there hope?  Are there really kind people that exist in this world?  Yes, there really are nice people around.  It is just a matter of finding them.

As we all know, I just moved into a new house.  I bought it with my own money, and made a 40 percent down payment.  Yes, I’m doing pretty good with my money, and that is a separate topic in of itself.  As part of my house journey, I wanted to start off fresh.  Populate my house with items that I WILL use and make it less of junk.

Right from the start to live inside the house as clutter free as possible.  As part of this situation, I have been using a plastic chair with a seat cushion on it for the past 2 weeks or so.  It is not comfortable.  It is not very ergonomic.  I am at the mercy of God for giving me the height I am blessed with, as well as the use of such a small chair.  Below is a picture of the chair in question:

Free Image Hosting at

I suppose its a little bit better since I am using the seat cushion, but its not that much better. I want a chair or rather a real computer chair that can roll around and not ding up the carpet and with height changing functionality.

Nor did I want to spend at least $50 for a chair either.  What to do?

I took a chance and went to  Visited the group closest to my town, and because it uses Yahoo groups, I had to sign in with my yahoo ID. From there, I made a post such as “Wanted: Old computer chair (with adjusting height preferably”.

In the content of that post, I basically talked about how I am in need of a new computer chair and that I was not picky and just anything that resembles a computer chair is better than the chair I am using now.

I posted it online, and then a few days later I get one response.  A lady about 30 minutes north of me has a computer chair she was willing to give it to me for free.  She says it is clean and in near new condition and she wanted to get rid of it! Holy crap!

So I drove there instantly after conversing on e-mail, and the chair is super nice.  You will be surprised with the nice find. Below is what it looks like!

Free Image Hosting at

Yes, I could not believe it.  It is easily worth $50+ and the only damage with it is a small scratch on the left side arm rest!

What I like to do is take pictures and save them so that one day I could go “Oh yea, I remember I used to have that!”Freecycle is a great service.  I suggest that if you are going to throw something out, why not try Freecycle?  What you got to lose?

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