[DMWL] Re-Use Old Hard Drives


DMWL = Do more with less.  This is a random series where I help give insight where people can do more with less stuff in their lives.  To find future DMWL articles, look under Category DMWL, or search for the tag DMWL.


Let’s face it.  Personal computing is not what it used to be.  I remember when I was back in high school, an 8 gig hard drive was huge!  Playing only worms and half-life 1, this was a big deal at the time.  My friend had this 8 gig hard drive with a voodoo3 video card, and I thought it was awesome.

Fast forward to 2009, and now you got 1 gig video cards with 1 TB hard drives for a fraction of price of a personal computer in 1997.  Just amazing.  As our digital collection of movies, photos, and music grows, so much our hard drives.

Upgrading hard drives is easy, but what to do about your old hard drive?  Here are some ideas:

  • Use the hard drive as a second hard drive in the computer for personal data, or backup medium.
  • Use it as a separate drive to install linux.
  • Install it in a external usb hard drive.
  • Install it in a modded xbox.
  • Use the hard drive in a spare PC or media center.
  • Donate it to charity.
  • Use it in entertainment devices like popcorn hour or Western Digital WD TV.
  • Sell it on ebay, craigslist, or other.  Remember to wipe the personal data off of it!

In all honesty, if the hard drive is at least 20 gigs, then I would turn it into an external hard drive.  Buying an external enclosure is a good investment.  If the hard drive is ridiculously small like 4 gigs, then you may as well as use it as an internal backup system, or put it into a PC and give it to the children.

Any other ideas to use your old hard drives? Let us know!

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